Spit-Roasting: The Ultimate Feast for This Festive Season 

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It’s the last few weeks of 2022, and it’s time for festivities and celebrations. You want to spend time with your family and friends and maybe host a gathering where you can get together and make memories. Naturally, you want to throw a lavish feast, and what’s a holiday meal without a roast? Spit-roasting a pig could be a good option if you want to serve something unique and different to your guests. Don’t be intimidated by the setup; today, various online vendors provide spit hire for pork cooking.

Here’s how you can throw a spit-roast party at your home.

What is Spit-Roasting?

Spit-roasting, also known as rotisserie roasting, is a cooking method wherein the meat, or the whole animal, is skewed to a spit (a long spiked rod) and put on top of an open fire, coal, or gas. It’s a traditional form of cooking that has evolved; from using a sharp wooden stick to specialised sticks, spit-roasting has come a long way.

The reason it’s a popular choice for roast and at-home barbeque events is because it’s almost a spectacle to watch. People are fascinated by the cooking method, which easily becomes a topic of conversation. Furthermore, spit-roasting a whole pig means you have enormous food to offer guests. Instead of worrying about making or ordering individual portions, this is enough to feed multiple people.

Steps to Follow to Do Spit-Roasting at Home

Get the Spit Setup

Spit-roasting requires a setup, which can be heavy on the budget. If you regularly roast your meat and use it frequently, you can buy one from the market. However, since most people don’t throw roast parties frequently, buying one becomes an unnecessary expense that will take up space in the home or garage. Instead, you can consider a spit hire for pork. It is a budget-friendly alternative that lets you enjoy the thrill of spit-roasting without investing.

Get the Meat

You can decide what meat you want to cook for the roast. Pig is one of the most popular, so you can call your local butcher and ask them to get you a whole pig for the roast.

Dig the Fire Pit and Pick Your Fuel

You’ll need to dig a fire pit if you have a backyard. If digging is not an option, get a metal firebox. Fireboxes might be easier to manage but may be slightly expensive. Once this is done, choose your fuel. You can use wood, charcoal, or gas, but wood gives the maximum amount of flavour.

Place the Setup and Skewer the Meat

Now, place the setup of the spit roast. If you are going for a spit hire for pork, ask the service providers how the setup should be done. After that, skewer the whole pig (you might have to break a few bones if the rod does not go through). Place the rod into the setup.

It’s Roasting Time 

Let the pig roast, which might take about 4-8 hours. You may have to start before your guests arrive so that it cooks on time.

Enjoy a Wholesome Meal with Your Friends and Family

Voila! Your roasting is done, and it’s time to relish the meal with your loved ones. Along with the roasted pork, don’t forget to whip up some quick and easy side dishes that will go well with your meal. So, make your parties jollier this holiday season with a spit roast. Happy eating.


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