Sophisticated equipment for reliable riding fun with the Children’s Cross Bike

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In addition to the motorization, every Children’s Cross Bike from Miweba offers other features that ensure maximum riding pleasure. When buying a children’s cross bike, you should always pay attention to the details in the product description. make remote control car this is the only way to ensure that your offspring can safely start the slope and develop their driving skills optimally.


Reinforced fork and/or reinforced frame:

In the interest of your child, we rely on the highest safety standards when equipping every child’s cross bike. This is the only way your child can safely complete his laps on the race track and practice this fast-paced hobby.

Therefore, in the Miweba range you will only find children’s dirt bikes with powerful brakes, softly sprung shock absorbers, reinforced components for off-road stability and various emergency stop functions. Furthermore, some children’s motorcycles can be adapted to the height of your young rider. Please always note the details of each children’s cross bike in the respective product description.

Security package (depending on model):

  • Rip cord on the handlebar, which switches off the engine immediately in the event of a fall or loss of control
  • Motor off switch on the handlebar
  • Rotary throttle grip
  • Stepped throttling to adjust the top speed to your child’s experience
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Shock absorber

For whom is a children’s cross bike suitable?

We expressly point out that a children’s cross bike is not a toy. Rather, it is a motorized children’s vehicle. The purpose is to be used as sports equipment. Therefore, a children’s cross bike is intended for children who want to practice racing.

For first driving attempts, a children’s vehicle of the category children’s motorcycle electric is particularly suitable. Because best off road rc car this allows simple safety precautions and moderate speed a first approach to the motocross sport.

For trained children who drive regularly and also want to participate in competitions, children’s vehicles of the category children’s motorcycle gasoline can be interesting.

Further safety instructions

Although every children’s motorcycle at Miweba has an extensive safety package, there are some rules to follow. Children’s cross bikes may be ridden for 5 or 8 years depending on the motorization. For details, please pay attention to the details of the respective product description when you buy a children’s cross bike.

Only drive with sufficient protective clothing! In the shop, you can get children’s cross helmets. In addition, your child should wear sturdy shoes, long clothing with reinforced knee and elbow areas, and gloves.

Your child may only use his or her children’s dirt bike on cordoned-off private grounds or designated race tracks. Because the user is not permitted according to the German STVZO.

Use of the children’s Crosses Bikes under 16 years only under the supervision of a parent or guardian!

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