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React Native is one of the top-rated open-source UI software frameworks globally. If you need a robust mobile app for Android, iOS, Android TV, Windows, macOS, tvOS, UWP, or Web, React Native is an excellent choice. 

Still, no matter how powerful this framework is, you need to hire a React Native developer with enough knowledge and experience to make the best out of this framework. And finding top talent on the global market isn’t always easy, so you have to look for the proper skills. 

But what are the top skills you need to look for when hiring your new React Native developer? 

That’s why we are here to help you, and in this article, we will see the essential ones, so let’s begin.

Well-Knowledged with React Native 

By default, your candidate will need to have excellent knowledge of React Native. It seems like a naive assumption but is sometimes overlooked, so it’s more than valuable to mention this aspect. 

Therefore, see the extent of the knowledge of this framework that your potential new developer has, and not just the basics. You have to dig deeper, so it’s not enough if they know the React Native elements, theories, foundations, and so on. If you want someone who will work on your next big project, you have to hire someone with good experience building apps using this impressive framework. 

Furthermore, you should check the recent React Native projects they worked on as much as you can and create a practical examination to test the developer’s skills. It’s most suitable to hire React Native developers with enough knowledge and experience in building mobile apps to ensure they can make an app without having huge problems. 

Knowledge of JavaScript 

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is their knowledge of JavaScript. In fact, this is a must for a high-quality React Native application developer. Once again, this doesn’t mean that they should have only fundamental knowledge and education when it comes to JavaScript, but a genuinely competent experience with this computer language as much as possible. 

The more, the better, and if they are experienced enough, they will already know that this is a precious aspect both for them and your company. 

No matter if you are connecting a full-time company developer or a freelance React Native one, the approach has to be the same. So JavaScript has to be one of the first things that you ask about since every highly skilled React Native developer knows this is valuable. The main reason is that JavaScript is an essential part of React Native and React. 

That’s why you shouldn’t pick someone whose JS skills aren’t good enough; it’s better to be more patient to select the right developer for your business.

Testing and Debugging 

Debugging and testing are two of the most crucial app development tasks that each developer needs to know in order to be successful and effective. And this goes for any developer, but also for a React Native one since no matter the developer’s specialization; they certainly should know how to debug and test. 

In short, there is no point in hiring a React Native developer to build a robust mobile application that requires experience if the developer doesn’t know how to perform these two vital tasks. There are many reasons why this is essential, but the most important one is that testing and debugging are what bring the user experience to the highest level. And we all know that this is the ultimate goal when it comes to mobile app development. 

A High Sense of Punctuality 

That’s right; technical skills are not the only important thing when it comes to hiring React Native developers. 

Soft skills are also essential, and punctuality is one of the most valuable ones. And it’s not only proof that your future developer will show up on time for work every time. Punctuality is about something a lot more critical in the developing world, and that is the quality of delivering tasks on time, according to schedule. 

You have to see whether they can deliver on time since the schedule agreed with the client or yourself for a particular task has to be respected in order to be efficient. Of course, delays sometimes happen for reasonable reasons, but this mustn’t become a continuous habit. Therefore, if you hire a developer with a high sense of punctuality, you will have the advantage of promising the achievement of deadlines to clients and anyone you are working with on a particular project. 

Also, this soft skill is vital because the global market is highly competitive, so if your developers aren’t on time, someone else will be and get ahead, which means you are losing the race. 

A Desire to Learn and Become Better 

Last on the list, but equally essential, you need to hire a developer that has a desire to learn and become better. The tech industry is a place where everything grows rapidly and changes fast, so your React Native developer has to do the same to stay on track. That’s why your future employee needs to know how to adapt to new situations and is willing to learn in order to progress both technically and as a team player. 

In addition, if they are someone who is learning all the time, they will look for improvements and new technologies to use continuously. They won’t wait for the next big trend on the global market or stay unprepared when something innovative comes out in the industry. Also, this skill benefits both the developer and you as an employer. The reason being is that they will become a better React Native developer individually, which means you will have better work that will bring excellent results for your business on the table. 

So, here are some of the essential skills you should look for when hiring a React Native developer. Don’t forget to address them all in the hiring process, and good luck!     


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