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If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you may have heard of Shadowrocket, a rule-based proxy utility. But what exactly is it? This rule-based proxy utility prompts you to approve proxies before allowing them to access the Internet. The proxy client won’t let you access malicious sites without your permission. If you want to learn more about this rule-based proxy utility, continue reading.


Shadowrocket is a rule-based proxy utility for the iPhone/iPad.

Besides allowing you to use proxy servers for web browsing, Shadowrocket is a practical app to protect your privacy online. The rule-based proxy client captures all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic on your iOS device. You can also use this tool to monitor your web traffic, check for domain matches, and measure network speed. You can also switch between servers while connected to Wi-Fi.

The application comes with various settings, such as how much bandwidth you can use, how long you can keep a session open, and how often you can switch between different IP addresses. You can customize the settings according to your preference to avoid being tracked by third parties. Using a proxy is essential if you want to protect yourself against cyberattacks.

While most VPN clients are designed for the PC, Shadowrocket is a rule-driven proxy utility for the iPhone/iPad. It works on the system layer to force web traffic through a VPN server. Because it uses the system API, it is compatible with many other popular protocols. It’s recommended to download the latest app version to test it out in advance.

This rule-based utility is a good choice if you want to protect your privacy online. It can filter and control HTTP traffic and also blocks ads and pop-ups from various websites. It also supports multiple encryption protocols, including chacha20 and salsa20. The app even allows you to scan QR codes to add proxies. It also helps you to manage your internet speed and bandwidth.

It is not a proxy server.

What exactly is Shadowrocket? Shadowrocket is a proxy client which is designed for the Chinese audience. It uses a VPN server that works at a system layer. This way, all web traffic from the user’s device is routed through the proxy server instead of the actual computer. Thus, the user can enjoy complete anonymity and protection. However, if you want to use Shadowrocket on your iOS device, follow some essential guidelines to ensure you get the most out of it.

First, you must be sure that your device is compatible with the app. This is important as apps from the App Store can only work on supported devices. Once you have verified that your device is consistent with the app, you should open it. Next, select ‘Add Server in the top menu. After this, choose the server that you want to connect to. Shadowrocket will now automatically connect you to the server in your desired location.

More about this proxy server

You can also try the Shifter service. This provider has a unique pricing structure. You can choose between basic and special proxies explicitly designed for popular websites. The latter is best for those who need a high level of security for their websites. Moreover, the price of a Shadowrocket account is affordable. Its pool of proxies spans over 31 million IP addresses.

While a proxy server has many benefits, Shadowrocket has some unique features that set it apart. For example, it works on iOS and is compatible with the most popular protocols. However, users should remember that it is still a proxy manager. As a result, you should use an app that supports your operating system. Then, you’ll be able to surf the Internet securely and privately.

Shadowrocket is not a VPN

If you have ever wondered whether Shadowrocket is a VPN, you have come to the right place. This proxy client is an open-source project created for the Chinese market. However, it is not a VPN. It is a proxy client that forces web traffic through a proxy server. Consequently, it would help if you told your programs to use a proxy to avoid being censored by Chinese authorities.

The main problem with Shadowrocket is that there are no official websites for the VPN app. Instead, users have to download it directly from the application. While it does work, it does not have a good reputation. The main reason why this VPN app is so unpopular is that it was used illegally to stream pornography and other adult content. Moreover, the application most likely leaked private information to the local police. Additionally, there are no official websites for the application, and the links are questionable.

There are also other alternatives to Shadowrocket. BoomCloud, which was established in 2015, uses dedicated line acceleration. It also has one-click VPN clients for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Shadowrocket is not a VPN, but it works just as well. Moreover, it has a long operation time and is free. Mengmiao VPN is another VPN that has numerous VPN nodes and has regular daily use. Users can also use Shadowrocket via the subscription links of games like Clash.

It prompts you to approve proxies.

To use a proxy, download the Shadowrocket iOS app. You will need an Apple device with iOS 6.0 or later. The App Store will list the devices that support Shadowrocket. Once installed, open the app and click the ‘Add Server’ button. A menu will appear with a list of available proxy servers. Please select the one you want to use and approve it. Once you’ve approved the server, you can continue using it.

You must first accept the proxy’s permission to modify your proxy settings to set up a proxy. This option can be disabled if you’re using an IP whitelist proxy. Once approved, the Shadowrocket app will return to the main menu. In the list of available proxies, you’ll see a yellow dot. To enable a proxy, toggle “Not Connected.”

Another popular proxy provider is Smartproxy. You can access their extensive database of proxies for a low price. The pool of proxies is over 40 million, but not as big as Bright Data. Smartproxy reflects the IP addresses of over 195 countries. The Shadowrocket application also prompts you to approve proxy servers before they can use your account. If you do not want to use the service, you can always cancel it within three days.

The following steps will enable you to configure a proxy on your PC. On the Windows side, go to the settings tab. Click on Advanced Settings. Next, click on the “Enable proxy settings” button. On Windows 7, you’ll find a menu button next to Advanced Settings. Click on the proxy settings button. Once you’ve done this, the proxy server will be activated and will be your default proxy setting.

Shadowrocket costs $2.99

You can download the Shadowrocket app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for $2.99. It offers unlimited gems and elixirs in the first level, but the only drawback is that you can’t download it if you don’t live in the country it is available. This can be remedied with a VPN service. To get started, click the “Add Server” button at the app’s top, and you will be prompted to add your server.

In addition to a vast network of proxies in every country, Shadowrocket offers features such as ad-blocking and URL rewriting. It also works on mobile data connections, making it faster than other VPN software. In addition to the significant number of proxies, Shadowrocket is affordable and works well on both Wi-Fi and cellular connections. It also supports iCloud rules and works equally well on mobile data connections. It also offers various filters, including blocking advertisements based on user agents and domino.

Final words on Shadowrocket

For a free alternative to Smartproxy, you can download the iOS-specific proxy manager Shadowrocket. Although Shadowrocket does not offer a free trial, it allows you to test the proxies on your device for up to 3 days before purchasing a package. As a result, it’s possible to use a proxy in conjunction with other applications and services. Then you can access websites blocked by your ISP.

The free version of Shadowrocket is available for Android and iOS devices. The app is easy to set up, and an impressive list of proxies is available. For more information, visit Oxylabs. The Lead Product Marketing Manager at Oxylabs, Gabija Fatenaite, grew up playing video games and surfing the Internet. The Internet was integral to her upbringing, and she never stopped exploring tech.


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