Sanffe Info: Be Smarter And Sell More

Sanffe Info is your customer acquisition platform that tracks leads, identify new sales opportunities, automatically routes outbound emails and automates follow-ups.

What is Sanffe Info?

Salespeople are accountable for their performance and the results they achieve, which can be measured by the number of opportunities created, the number of resulting leads, and the number of deals closed. These metrics determine sales compensation, promotions, tenure in a company—or lack thereof. Sales teams often have to rely on spreadsheets or other paper-based tracking systems when it comes to managing all these data points.
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We designed Sanffe Info to be a more organized, efficient approach to sales team management, keeping track of all aspects of sales activity and giving sales managers access to this information through mobile devices. With Sanffe Info, teams can log all opportunities, leads and deals as they happen, giving managers visibility into every step of the process and allowing them to act on that information. Our goal is to make sure that every single opportunity your company has is managed effectively so that it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

What are the benefits of using Safe Info?

Sales teams are always looking for ways to boost their performance. Whether it’s working harder and longer hours, making more calls, or just having an all-around better attitude, the desire to do better is shared by all. What if there was a way to track the team’s performance over time?

This is the question that Sanffe Info founder Paul Merrell set out to answer when he came up with the idea for this company. Sales teams often lose leads because of lack of follow up, or they don’t have a way to manage their opportunities. With Sanffe Info, sales reps can keep track of their leads and opportunities, as well as create notes on how they managed those leads and how they were able to engage those prospects. The platform also allows them to share these notes with the team. This collaboration helps everyone stay on top of what’s happening in the market and understand how each person contributes to overall success.

Sanffe Info’s platform can be used for free by anyone who has a Gmail account. It’s easy to use, and it can be integrated into your existing processes in just a few minutes.

How can sales teams use Sanffe Info?

Sanffe Info is a platform that allows sales teams to track leads and opportunities and measure sales performance over time. Sales leaders can use the platform to see how well their teams are performing, how effective their sales process is, and how closely they’re following best practices.

Those who need this Sanffe info

Sanffe Info is a platform that allows sales teams to track leads and opportunities and measure sales performance over time. It is designed to fit the needs of all types of sales teams, regardless of how big or small the company may be. The software is incredibly easy to use and offers support for various devices and operating systems. Sanffe Info was created by a team of former Salesforce MVPs who saw an opportunity to create something that would improve sales productivity and help companies better organize their data.


Sanffe Info is a robust sales management platform that will help sales teams track both leads and opportunities, as well as measure overall sales performance over time.

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