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When it comes to buying a new smartphone, you do need to consider buying an iPhone. Why? Well, the iPhones are more secure, user-friendly, and they tend to maintain their market value for a longer period. Plus, you wouldn’t be troubled by the wired hands-free as well. Apple devices are compatible with airpods. There is no need to worry about is you don’t know How to Skip Songs on AirPods or how to pause them. Once you’ve started to use them, you’ll get the hang of them.

There always has been a long debate as to which is better – Android or iPhone. To be honest, iPhones are much faster and safer than Android devices. As a matter of fact, Android devices are far much complex than iPhone and most of the times, Android devices contain impractical and unnecessary features.

Reasons For Switching From Android To iPhone

Let’s suppose that you are ready to buy a new smartphone, and since you have always used an Android, you will be thinking of buying the same, right? Well, this is where you are wrong. We have compiled a list of some reasons why now is the right time to switch from Android to iPhone.

1: iPhones Maintain Market Value

There is no doubt about the fact that iPhone models tend to retain their market value unlike other Android devices. Even after a new release their previous products price remains close to their original retail value.

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2: iPhones Are Secure

We all are well-aware of the fact that iPhone has always had an upper hand when it comes to security. Apple devices has a tighter security protocol than Android. This is why iPhones often do not get infect with a virus.

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3: iPhones Are User-Friendly

Android users usually say that their devices are user-friendly because they’ve been using them for a long period. This is because Android offers customization. However, iPhones have a simple and easy to understand interface.

4: iPhone Fakes Are Easy To Spot

Most people buy secondhand smartphone because let’s be honest, the brand new ones are pricey. Most of the times, scammers sell counterfeit phones. Whereas, iPhones have an exclusive interface. This means that you can easily spot the fake ones right away.

5: Natural Looking Photos

There are a lot of android smartphones that outperform iPhone models in terms of specifications. However, when it comes to photos, you can always rely on iPhones as they produce crystal-clear images every time. But, this does not mean that Android devices picture quality is not good at all.

6: Updates Easily

Unlike Android devices, iPhone software updates are available on all supported devices. And yes, iPhone update do not slow down the older variants. In fact, with every update, the devices speed gets optimized.

Bottom Line

Now you know that if you are planning on buying a smartphone, you should always consider buying an iPhone rather than an Android. Also, try to buy the new AirBuds pro with your iPhone to enhance your experience.

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