Reasons why Microsegmentation is Necessary for Securing Cloud

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Micro-segmentation is a strategy to make your network segments more resilient by dividing them into isolated parts for easy monitoring and constant control of the traffic. 

It can be used as an approach in order to protect against cyber threats that may come from any direction, including outside sources like hackers.

Micro-segmentation provides advanced cybersecurity by limiting the scope to IP addresses or VLAN memberships, not just broad attacks on infrastructure. This granular approach advances cyber security as each separation adapts seamlessly in response environments with dynamic application layer information flows below them. They’re all protected without knocking out other parts of your network too.

Micro-segmentation is the key to building a business’s security policies. These small segments can be assigned their own set of rules and regulations. Regardless if they’re moved across different clouds or not. With micro-segmentation in place, there will always be an active response for any risk. Shutting down access altogether when necessary so nothing gets leaked out onto public websites where anyone could see it happen without your knowledge first.

Workload Protection

Micro-segmentation in the cloud is a great way to reduce the attack surface and provide much-needed granular visibility into workload connections. It also protects applications distributed widely across multi-cloud data centers. Allowing security professionals to access any suspicious activity in real-time so they can act on threats promptly.

The micro-segmentation strategy is an easy way for companies with diverse needs and wants to utilize cloud infrastructure. This will make your life easier because you won’t have any additional operational complexities on top of what they already handle.

Full Compliance

The battle for compliance is getting harder with all the new regulations. Micro-segmentation makes it easy because you can simplify your policies, not worry about violating any rules and keep things running smoothly in one area while still adhering to complex standards across other areas of business.

Micro-segmentation is a powerful tool that helps companies meet an array of compliance standards. For example, achieving HIPAA ensures the protection and security of ePHI data by defining separate zones within your organization’s network infrastructure where sensitive information can be stored securely from outside threats like hackers or malware distributors who want access to it without any enters being accepted into these restricted areas through authorized user portals

HIPPA also requires regular calibration testing just as with other equipment used in healthcare settings. So defects don’t go unnoticed much longer than necessary.

Easy Security

The power of micro-segmentation makes it possible to create a reusable security policy template that dictates. User access rights for specific applications and databases. This ensures consistency across different environments. Cutting down on time-consuming explanations which can be saved for later use when needed most.

The use of templates and automation tools can make security configuration easier, saving companies time in the long run.


It is possible to have a single pane of glass that offers an in-depth view of each resource and cross-segment traffic. The need for investing in additional visualizations or monitoring tools would be eliminated with this approach. Making it perfect as a micro-segmentation solution.

Centralized visibility into each segment of the data center brings down your overall implementation time. And creates a positive security posture. Hybrid-cloud environments need constant assessment which can result in significant remediation. But with centralized monitoring, there’s no longer any excuse for not being able to track everything from Fabric. Manager all throughout our environment.


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