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Racquet sports have been known to be one of the most effective ways in which you will be able to get your heart rate up as well as burn a sizeable amount of calories. All in all, it can be considered to be a well-rounded cardiovascular exercise that people of all ages can consider to play. However, just like with any other sport, the sport of racquet also tends to include some degree of injury and risk.

It is for this reason that you should always consider to ask an orthopedist in Montreal, so that you will be well aware of all the risks that this sport entails. In this way, you will also be able to determine whether racquet can be considered to be the most ideal or suitable sport option for you.

What is a racquet sport?

Just like the name suggests, racquet sports have been known to include a number of individual sports that will involve using the racquet in one hand, like in lacrosse and racquetball, squash, badminton, and tennis. These sports can also be considered to include other kinds of sports like handball and table tennis which largely use the same kind of movement skills and patterns. These sports can lead to injury, and if so, it’s better to ask an orthopedist in Montreal.

Racquet sports have also been known to be widely practiced throughout the world by a wide segment of the society, including the young and the elderly, the elite professional player as well as the recreational player.

Racquet players seem to be characterized by the use of a bat or racquet that will be gripped in one hand. This hand will then be used to strike a ball or swing towards it and then make sure that the ball will go to the opponent’s side of the field.

In terms of the kinds of racquets, it will be easy to see that there is a wide and diverse range to choose from as each sport has been known to have its own particular skill set and features.

In addition, all of them will also involve a combination of rapid changes being made in the direction and short sharp movements of the lower and upper limbs which require significant core stability, agility, movement control, and flexibility.

Lastly, each of these sports will use a field of play or court, which may have a variety of different surfaces underfoot, and which may also be enclosed within a confined space.

Training for racquet sports

In order to reduce the risk of injury from playing racquet sports, it is important that you train yourself accordingly. The multitude of demands that will be placed on the body during playing racquet sports needs to be accounted for during the training of these sports. Each of these sports have been known to be quite different from each other – in terms of the execution of the shot, ball movement and size, and even the equipment that will be used. However, certain similarities also tend to exist – the aspects of skill and general movement patterns, also using the racquet in one hand.

The whole body will require training be adequately done for these sports. Hence, components of a well-designed program will include sport specific skill and technique work, agility and balance, plyometrics, endurance and muscle strength, core stability, and flexibility.

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