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The Portable Document Format is a must-have for operating, transferring information,  and collaborating, especially in the finance sector which is why many corporations opt to use the best PDF editor for smooth operation. 

They offer a wide range of advantages over every other file format such as:

  • Security. Sensitive documents can be password protected so that only certain individuals can view and edit them, depending on who has the security key.
  • Small file size. When documents are converted to and saved as pdfs, they are automatically compressed thus easy to transfer and store as a fillable pdf that requires very little storage.
  • The files are not distorted during transfer. Unlike other document formats whose appearance might change depending on the device capabilities and the application being used to open them, the documents do not fall to the same fate. They appear the same even when opened with other application types.

Numerous attributes must be accounted for whilst on the quest for a reliable editor. The best PDF file editor will permit you to add text to pdf, images, add notes, share and transfer files as teams, and create and sign online forms. It is therefore imperative that any organization or individual operating in the 21st century, in any field of life, find a good online editor for optimum operation. 

Our team has assessed several online PDF edit online free applications and reviewed them considering issues such as flexibility, simplicity of use, the quality and type of results produced as well as any other special offers that they offer to find which application provides the best experience.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is one of the most used and most talked about google PDF editor and for a reason. It is undoubtedly the best there is!

It gives people the ability to do a variety of things online ranging from creating and editing files, and editing scanned documents, convert pdf to editable word, highlighting words that need to stand out as well as sending and receiving information in real-time. The application has everything an organization is looking for!

It helps managers annotate documents by adding shapes, images, lines, and text, rotating pages, and using optical character recognition (OCR) technology to search and edit scanned documents. The tool also offers editable templates for administrators to maintain student profiles, record teachers’ work, plan teaching strategies, conduct surveys, and more.

The versatility of the Lumin application knows no bounds. It tops the list with its functionality and practicality yet presents itself to users as a simple tool that can be used in every aspect of everyday life by beginners and professionals. It can integrate with several third-party systems including Google Classroom, Dropbox, and Google Drive, enabling businesses to streamline remote learning and document sharing processes.


  • High functionality, practicality, and simplicity. 


  • The free trial offers a limit on the features one can access. A subscription is necessary to access the complete package.

Soda PDF

This editor gives you the means to view your document from different platforms only with the use of a stable browser and internet connection. The application easily converts files from different formats to PDF and ice verse thus making it a favorite for students. 

The application comes packed with high-security features such as password protection, and user permission setting allowing access to only selected users. Editing can only be done by them.  Documents are stored online on various third-party cloud apps, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.  

Soda PDF brings the option of either generating the document from different formats or edit pdf file online.  The users can then further alter the document to suit their needs. The best feature of this file editor is its ability to compress and merge files to form either a smaller file or a single document from 2 or more files without compromising the quality of the final product. The final document pages can then be reshuffled as per user need. Finally, we cannot forget how Soda can create fillable PDF from an image using OCR.


  • The application has a multitude of pdf editing options. 


  • Using online means lesser tools.


This application was added to our list solely due to its simplicity and ease of use accompanied by exceptional results. The application emphasizes completing the task required by the user and removes unnecessary features and specifications that might make it difficult for the user to navigate. It has surely earned its way to the top. It can be accessed in various languages and has been downloaded by nearly half a billion people on Google Playstore.

The developers of the application had only one goal in mind and they achieved it, To make an online PDF editor that is simple to use yet produces the best results.  Operating the application is as easy as ABC. After file upload, the user starts making the required changes. The document can then be changed to whichever format is required.

As with every great product, the free version is only a small taste of what the paid version will bring. When individuals pay and upgrade they get more features and an even greater experience. You will get your money’s worth. Such benefits even extend to a downloadable offline version. 


  • Can easily transfer from to different formats.
  • PDF compression tool available.
  • Offers a broad selection of editing choices.


  • The free feature accommodates two files per hour.
  • Customers need to pay extra to access the offline mode.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is known as an industry giant in the world of editor applications. It gained its name as the first PDF editing application and has stayed at the top of its field over the years due to continued research and development.   

This online editor remains the best there is mainly due to its simplicity, making it favored by both beginners and professionals. It helps users alter files before transferring by adding and removing words and inserting sticky notes, and shapes. The shared document can then be edited by colleagues to suit the needs of the team.  

It would be an injustice not to mention Adobe’s well-known security feature. The password protection features are used to secure documents ensuring that only a  select few individuals can access or make changes to the document.

Adobe Acrobat was among the first pdf applications developed and has improved so much over time that it remains the favored application not only for scholars and academics but also for big firms, institutions as well as everyday scenarios.


  • Adobe is a simple editor to use.
  • Outstanding and high-performing OCR.
  • A reputed PDF editor.


  • Adobe has a higher cost.

After extensively researching we believe that the above list comprises the four best pdf editors that you should consider.  The list includes the price, main features, the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using the editor.  Lumin PDF is across-the-board the best file editor we came across.


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