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painful ejaculation

Painful ejaculation can be a serious problem during male sexual stimulation. This problem can indicate several types of sexual problems. Therefore, it is a concern, which makes it necessary to be diagnosed early. Most men may feel pain during ejaculation or immediately after ejaculation. Painful ejaculation can damage relationships as well as self-esteem and lead to a happy life in despair. In some situations, it can be a temporary problem and goes away without treatment, but in some cases, it can be a sign or symptom of severe pain as well as serious health problems like prostatitis, prostate cancer, etc.

The problem of painful ejaculation should be taken seriously and to get first aid immediately consult the best sexologist in Jaipur. In this article, you will learn about painful ejaculation, its symptoms, causes and ways to diagnose, treat and prevent it.

It is advised to talk to your partner and visit a good sexologist and consult him. Research says, Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH) is the Best Sexual Health Treatment Center in Jaipur. IASH India is a one-stop solution for the betterment of male sexual health providing all facilities under one roof. This makes the institute one of a kind health center where no aspect of male sexual health remains untouched

What is Painful Ejaculation?

Painful ejaculation, also known as anorgasmia or Orgasmalgia. It causes problems ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain during ejaculation or after ejaculation in men. This problem involves pain in the penis, scrotum, and perineal during ejaculation.

It can have serious effects on the sex life of the person concerned. Some men may feel embarrassed when they have ejaculation pain, but this is relatively a common symptom. This problem can occur as a result of symptoms of other problems like swelling in the prostate. Although it can be treated.

Causes of Painful Ejaculation:-

Pain during ejaculation can occur for many reasons, in some cases, it may manifest as a symptom of sexual problems. Common causes of painful ejaculation may include the following:

Symptoms of Painful Ejaculation:-

Symptoms of painful ejaculation may vary from person to person. These symptoms may also change over time. In some men, may these symptoms do not occur during masturbation, but can be felt while having sex with a partner. Therefore, in the event of ejaculation painfuly, the following symptoms can be seen:

The medication of Painful Ejaculation:-

Consumption of antidepressant medications can cause other sexual dysfunctions, including analgesic ejaculation. Some medications that cause sexual problems can include:

Treatment for Painful Ejaculation:-

The treatment process for painful ejaculation treatment depends on its causes. Therefore, the following treatment options can be included depending on the problems received during the diagnosis process.

When to see a doctor:-

In the event of any symptoms related to painful ejaculation, the person should immediately contact the doctor. Therefore, in the following situations, every person should take Dr.’s recommendation. According to research, Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the Best Sexologist in Jaipur.

Complications of painful ejaculation:-

It is not dangerous, but it can make a man’s lifestyle weak or tragic. Men who experience it may face the following complications or problems:


Your doctor can give you an idea of ​​what causes a sexual problem and what to expect depending on the treatment.

Sexual problems can affect both- you and your female partner. If you don’t talk to your partner about it, then it may affect your relationship.

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