On Workforce Software Monday, what packages are available for purchase?

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You may choose from five different workforce software monday plans. There are distinct qualities associated with each subscription. Please read this article if you are interested in purchasing a membership to Workforce Software Monday. At Work Software Monday, the following packages are available for purchase.

  • Individual

It’s completely free.

A Countless Number of Boards

No End to Documents

More than 200 templates

There are more than a dozen different kinds of columns.

The team may include up to two members.

Apps for both Apple’s iOS and Android platforms

  • Basic

$80 a seat (monthly).

A single-serving container.

There are an infinite number of free viewers available.

Infinite Resources

Storage capacity of 5 GB

Customer service is most important to us.

One board is all you need to build a dashboard.

  • Standard

Seats cost $10 each (monthly).

A solitary unit.

The Essentials

Views of the timeline and grants

Guests have access to the website.



Up to five boards may be combined into a single dashboard.

  • Pro Professional.

Seats cost $16 each (monthly).

A single-serving container.

The Essentials

Typical Bundle

Discreet forums and documents

The graph is shown here.

Keeping Track of Your Hours

Columns for formulas and their corresponding dependents

  • Enterprise

It includes all of the previous packages and a few more business-related features.

You must contact the organizers to acquire an account for your organization based on your organization’s needs and infrastructure. There is no fee provided.

At Workforce Software Monday, how can I pay for my services?

You must pay for Workforce Software on a yearly basis by default. Workforce Software Monday, on the other hand, offers the option of monthly payments. You must decide whether you want to pay on an annual or monthly basis when you purchase an account. However, if you choose to make an annual payment, you’ll save 18%.


Is Monday’s workforce software safe?

Does Workforce Software have a high level of security? Clients’ information is protected by this service. Workforce Software on Monday is dependable.

 Is there a mobile app for Workforce Software Monday?

It is true that Workforce Software Monday has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Keep an eye on your staff and their data at all times with the help of mobile apps.


For Workforce Management, Monday is the greatest management software in the world for keeping your staff engaged and productive. Each of these time intervals may be used to provide detailed reports and analysis.


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