Nelle Mack Combines Fantasy and Coming-of-age in Her New Novel

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Everyone enjoys a good fantasy novel. This is why Ancient Paths, the first book in a captivating fairy fantasy series from Nelle Mack, has created so much excitement. After all, Ancient Paths is more than your everyday fantasy novel. This book weaves together elements of fantasy, fairytale, and a coming-of-age narrative that offers inspiration to readers of different ages.

The story behind Ancient Paths

In Ancient Paths, Nelle Mack tells the story of a time when fairies – the Tuatha de Danaan – lived in harmony with humans. Unfortunately, due to the selfishness of human beings, this utopia was short-lived, and the fairies had to flee to another dimension through a portal in Newgrange, Ireland.

According to an ancient prophecy, a special boy would be born on the night when the black moon rises. It would be this boy’s destiny to open the portal and bring the fairies back to us. And thus, we meet Faelan O’Broin – the young hero who was born on the black moon.

When Faelan O’Broin learns of his destiny, he sets out to learn magic so that he can open the magical portal and bring the fairies back. He sets off on his journey with three companions, each of whom has an interesting lesson to teach him.

As Faelan travels across Ireland, he meets gods, goddesses, wizards, and magical plants and animals. Each of these characters teaches him new magic to help him fulfill his destiny. 

Faelan arrives at the portal on the appointed day, armed with magic and an inspiring crew of supporters. But will he be able to open it and bring the fairies back?

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The value of reading fantasy fiction

Fantasy fiction is popular among readers of different ages, and with good reason. After all, it offers emotional and psychological benefits. Here’s how:

Helps you escape from reality

With so much negative news dominating the world these days, it’s nice to be able to immerse yourself in a novel and forget about real problems for a while. A good fantasy novel will help you do just that. In particular, the world in Ancient Paths is full of adventure, excitement, and magic. It offers a great escape from reality and can provide readers with a sense of freedom and exploration. 

The fantasy genre is an arena where readers can worry less about reality and instead focus on the mystique and enchantment of the story they’re reading. By delving into the stories and mythology of gods and goddesses, readers can escape the tribulations of everyday life and find peace and solace in the realms of fantasy.

Expand your imagination

Fantasy novels are an amazing way to escape the mundane and explore a world free of the constraints of reality. Through Ancient Paths, readers can experience the breathtaking beauty of Ireland and its mystical inhabitants. Their incredible adventures, feats of courage and friendship, and the powerful bonds that unite them make for a truly inspiring journey. 

By learning about the Tuatha de Danaan, readers can expand their own imaginations and draw inspiration for their own lives. Through this, readers can explore the depths of their creativity and unlock the hidden potential within themselves. 

The fairies in Ancient Paths are an amazing source for fantastical tales. With their ability to captivate, inspire, and stimulate the imagination, they are sure to create a sense of magic and wonder in any reader who encounters them. If you’re looking to delve into the world of fantasy, then The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles is a great place to start.Get emotional gratification

Everyone loves a happy ending, and most fantasy novels offer a harrowing tale that culminates in a happy ending. Ancient Paths is set against the ancient mythological backdrop of Ireland – the perfect setting for readers looking for a story that will capture their emotions. Ancient Paths is filled with complex characters and a powerful storyline that will draw readers into a lush and mysterious landscape.

The land of the Tuatha de Danaan is a place of beauty and mystery, and the journey that takes place there is filled with moral lessons and themes of honor, courage, and loyalty. This story transports readers to an ancient world that is as full of danger as it is hope. As the characters battle adversity, readers will discover how strength of character, unyielding spirit, and unwavering faith can overcome any challenge.

If you’re searching for something more than the everyday fantasy novel, the first book in The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles is worth a read. The story told in this book will captivate readers with its emotional depth and provide an escape from the everyday world. Dive into the magical land of the Tuatha de Danaan today, and explore this captivating and timeless fantasy world.

About the author

Aside from being a gifted author, Nelle Mack is a spiritual guide who teaches children, empaths, sensitive people, and star children how to use their spiritual gifts and healing energy. She had her awakening to the spiritual world in 2018, and as she learned more, she opened herself up as a channel for the divine. By drawing on this connection to the divine she’s helped others to harness protective and healing energy. 

Nelle has developed several healing techniques that she uses to transform people’s lives through her services at Sapphirestar Codes. Writing this first book of The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles is just one of the many ways through which she shares new-age spirituality with others.\

Once you’ve read the first book in the series, you can follow up on the release of the next book via social media. Simply follow Nelle on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with her progress on the next story. You can also sign up on her website to learn how to harness healing energy.


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