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In addition to the three main categories for mountain bike helmets mentioned above, there are full-face helmets with removable chin guards for MTB helmets. skque hoverboard these models are intended to cover the middle between a touring helmet and an MTB helmet downhill. The Uvex MTB helmet has even received an innovation award for it.

An Integral MTB helmet full face with a chin temple should protect the face even better in the event of an accident. But critics criticize the MTB Fullface helmet for the complete coverage of the head.

Here you will find the pluses and minuses of an MTB helmet with a removable chin guard as a full-face helmet at a glance:


  • More compact and robust
  • Very good ventilation and ventilation
  • Diverse designs


  • Relatively heavy with at least 700 g
  • Expensive to buy with 200 to 500 euros

MTB helmets provide more safety

With an MTB helmet, you have special safety not only due to the robust shell and many adjustment options to the perfect head shape. As MTB helmet tests show, the hinged visor is responsible for the best possible protection.

An MTB helmet with a visor protects not only in case of falls but also against sunlight, insects, and dirt splashes. The visor should be adjustable, a high-quality MTB helmet comes with a completely removable visor.

The full-face MTB helmet: high protection but high weight

You can also opt for a full-face MTB helmet, which additionally protects the mouth and chin. However, such a model is usually difficult. Thus, the O’Neal MTB helmet has a weight of 980 g. On long tours, this can become uncomfortable.

Preventing heat build-up

Despite the wind, do not underestimate how warm it can get under a helmet during long rides. To avoid heatstroke, in an MTB helmet comparison, choose a model with many ventilation holes. best electric stakeboards if they still have small fly screens, you will not get hot, you will not sweat in your eyes, and you will not be disturbed by insects.

Buying advice for the MTB helmet: What you should pay attention to

There are important criteria to consider in a mountain bike helmet test. This is the only way to find the best mountain bike helmet for your needs. Basically, MTB helmets with plastic trim on the underside are generally high-quality processed.

Prices vary greatly – you can already get cheap helmets for 20 euros, but also pay up to 500 euros. It’s worth spending a little more on an MTB helmet to be sure it lasts a long time and protects well.

As a glasses wearer, you should definitely try on the helmet with the glasses. Not every model is made for spectacle wearers. In an MTB helmet comparison, you can see that in MTB helmets of some brands, the spectacle temple, and the holding system interfere with each other. With a bicycle helmet with a visor, the glasses should definitely have enough space underneath.

Whether you are looking for an Enduro MTB helmet or a Downhill MBT helmet – you should pay attention to these important purchase criteria:


  • Resizing by dial?
  • Weight in g
  • Ventilation: enough openings, protected with fly screens?
  • Visor: removable, adjustable, fold-out?
  • Is enduro suitable, downhill suitable, or all-mountain suitable?
  • Bracket for lighting available?


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