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The Cosmic Phone LvL 50 prioritizes privacy and security

In the modern world, privacy and security have become two of the most important concerns for smartphone buyers. From personal photos and messages to sensitive financial information, our smartphones hold some of our most valuable and private data. Despite these concerns for privacy, more and more smartphones on the market today collect user data without any consent.

To make things worse, many smartphone developers distribute this data to third parties without the owner’s knowledge, let alone their consent. This leaves users vulnerable to breaches and privacy violations.

Discover the Cosmic Phone LvL 50, the first Swiss-made smartphone focused on privacy and security. Developed by The Cosmic Dolphins, an innovative Swiss-based technology company, the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is designed to give users complete control over their personal data, without compromising on functionality. 

Let’s talk about what makes the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 so unique, and why it’s such a game changer for the smartphone industry.

The Cosmic Phone LvL 50: A smartphone with a difference

At first glance, the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 may not look all that different from other smartphones on the market. It has a sleek, modern design, a large touchscreen display, and all the usual features you would normally expect from a smartphone. However, there are some key differences that set the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 apart from alternatives on the market.

One of the most significant differences is the focus on privacy and security. Unlike many other companies, The Cosmic Dolphins does not collect data about its users. So it’s only natural that their phone, the Cosmic Phone LvL 50, follows the same philosophy. This means that users can use all their usual applications in a secure environment. Choose what information to give to which application and when. Total control over what comes out of the phone.

Another important difference is that the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 runs on CosmicOS, a native operating system developed by the experts at Cosmic Dolphins. CosmicOS is designed to prioritize privacy and security, using a unique architecture that separates the user’s data from the applications that access it. This means that even if an application is compromised, the user’s data remains secure.

The importance of developing everything in-house

One of the unique selling points of the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is that it is Swiss-made. This means that The Cosmic Dolphins has complete control over all aspects of the phone, from the design and assembly to the installation of the operating system. By keeping all these processes in-house, Cosmic Dolphins is able to ensure that the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 meets their existing standards for quality and security.

Swiss-made products have a good reputation for precision, reliability, and high quality. Switzerland has earned recognition worldwide for its skilled workforce, advanced technology, and strict regulations. All of these factors combine to contribute to the country’s reputation for producing some of the best products in the world. The Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is no different. By tapping into this tradition of excellence, the team at The Cosmic Dolphins is offering the world the best possible version of its initial concept.

Indiegogo launch

The Cosmic Dolphins has announced plans to launch the phone on Indiegogo on March 20. This Indiegogo campaign will offer tech enthusiasts the opportunity to be among the first to own this very special smartphone. More importantly, the Indiegogo campaign will offer members of the public the opportunity to support an innovative product that could transform the smartphone industry forever. The company also plans to start shipping the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 in June this year.

The future of smartphones: Could the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 set a new standard for privacy and security?

With the Cosmic Phone LvL 50, The Cosmic Dolphins is elevating the standard for privacy and security in the smartphone industry. By prioritizing user control over data and showing that values still matter, The Cosmic Dolphins has created a product that could have far-reaching implications for the future of smartphones.

As concerns about privacy and security grow, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with the simple task of using a traditional smartphone. The Cosmic Phone LvL 50 offers a new approach – one that puts users in control of their data and gives them the freedom to use their favorite applications without compromising on security.

The Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is more than a smartphone. It represents a shift in the way we think about technology and data. This phone is proof that it is possible to create a phone that offers a good balance of privacy, security, functionality and convenience. As such, the upcoming launch of the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 raises important questions about the responsibility of technology companies to protect user data. It also brings up a crucial conversation about the need for greater transparency and accountability in the industry as a whole.

Thinking about getting the Cosmic Phone LvL 50?

The Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is a symbol of a new era in technology, one where privacy and security are at the forefront of product design. By creating a smartphone that gives users control over their data, The Cosmic Dolphins has set a new standard for the industry.

As the Indiegogo campaign for the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 gets underway, it’s clear that there is a demand for products that put greater emphasis on privacy and security. How big a catalyst for change in the smartphone industry the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 will be remains to be seen. Even so, one thing is glaringly clear – the future of smartphones is changing, and the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is paving the way forward.

To get updates on the upcoming launch or to purchase this smartphone, you can visit their website or follow their Instagram page.


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