Marketing Phenomenon: How Pop Up Tents Became More than Just Camping Tools

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Pop-up tents are surprisingly popular. From film sets to campsites to marketing events, you’ll find them everywhere. Why are these “ready to go” tents more popular than the “set it up yourself” tent models? Well, high-quality popup tents are deceptively good.

According to a recent WSJ study, high-quality pop-up tents are –

  • Pop-up tents take 120 seconds or less to set up. Many shoppers assume that these tents are merely advertised as “fast-loading” or “user-friendly.” In reality, these tents do go from fully erect to fully flat in less than 120 seconds.
  • Pop-up or canopy tents are relatively lightweight. But, that doesn’t make them any less sturdy. Yes, super-strong winds may blow through these tents. But, most top-quality pop-ups can withstand strong breezes and mild windstorms pretty effortlessly.
  • These tents are especially popular among campers because they’re zippy, light, and easily portable. Placing these tents in your car’s trunk is very easy. They’re light, foldable, and can fit inside small spaces.
  • Solo-campers love using pop-up canopies because they’re as quick to take apart as they are to set up. Storing, deploying, and folding back pop-up canopies is extremely easy.

Multiple Uses of Pop-Up Tents

All of these qualities make pop-up tents ideal for a variety of situations.

  • Going on a solo or two-person camping trip? Grande! Pack these light tents in your camping backpacks and carry them from one campsite to another.
  • Taking a crew to complete a short-term duty like filming a movie scene or building a small cabin outdoors? Store your raw materials, supplies, and yourself inside rain-resistant pop-up tents.
  • Going to a three or four-day festival or concert? Again, these tents will come super-handy.

Of course, these conventional uses of pop-up tents make them very popular among shoppers of all ages. However, the latest pop-up tents in the market come with a feature that makes them ideal for businesses. That feature is customization.

Pop-Up Tents in Marketing

Business leaders can easily custom print any graphics or designs they want on these tents.Then, from local tradeshows to national marketing festivals – they can take these tents as promotional tools anywhere. Easy to store, easy to assemble/install, light, and rain-resistant – pop-up canopy tents are the ideal outdoor marketing tools.

Here’s how savvy business leaders customize these tents to use them as functional marketing tools –

  • Business Branding: Customize your pop-up tent in a way that it features your business logo prominently. People will see the tent and your brand logo from a distance, giving your brand great exposure. Also add eye-catching colors, graphics, and messages to the tent. Set it up at marketing events, tradeshows, etc. It will strengthen your brand’s recognition at these events.
  • Outdoor Marketing: Outdoor marketing is one of the most cost-effective and profitable marketing strategies of all time. But, you need protection from the sun and other weather-related risks if you want your brand to host/visit outdoor events. Tents are rain and sunlight-resistant. Hence, they’re the ideal outdoor marketing tools.
  • Temporary Stores: Lightweight custom tents can be folded up or installed within seconds. Store owners can use these sturdy tents as temporary stores or displays outside their actual stores.

These qualities make pop-up tents way more than just mere camping tools!


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