Marketing Agency Hull: Meet Get Extra, Your Partner in Digital Growth

From Humble Beginnings

In the corner of my brother-in-law’s office in 2007, Get Extra was born. Digital Marketing Agency Hull was still in its infancy, and we were right there on the frontline. Our initial focus was on search marketing, and in just three short months, we gained accreditation from Google by managing several successful Google AdWords and SEO campaigns.

The Google Partners Scheme

Fast forward to 2013, and we were invited by Google to London for the launch of their new Google Partners Scheme. We were proud to sign up as one of the first agencies in the UK and have maintained this status ever since.

The Google Elevator Scheme

Even more exciting, in 2018, Google handpicked Get Extra, along with only 30 other agencies in the UK, for their Google Elevator Scheme. We take this recognition as a testament to our commitment to helping businesses grow. We offer honest advice on the tools that can give you a competitive edge and grab your potential customers’ attention when they’re ready to engage.

The Power of Search

Imagine a potential customer is looking for a product you sell or a service you offer. There’s a good chance they’ll quickly type a question into Google before they contact you or a competitor. Our job is to ensure a compelling message from your brand appears on their screen right after they hit Enter.

Our Mission

At Get Extra, we’re not just about getting your name out there; we’re about creating meaningful connections between your brand and your audience. We strive to ensure that your message resonates with your potential customers, driving them not only to engage with your brand but also to stay loyal and become advocates for your brand among their networks.

The Get Extra Difference

What makes us stand out from the crowd? We believe it’s our commitment to honesty, our in-depth knowledge of the digital landscape, and our relentless drive to help our clients grow. When you team up with Get Extra, you’re not just getting an agency; you’re getting a partner dedicated to your success.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, we remain dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends and innovations. We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients gain a competitive edge and reach their customers in the most effective ways possible. So, if you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, Get Extra is here to help.

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