Lung Diseases: How Do They Affect Men and Women Differently?

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Lung diseases are debilitating enough to affect someone’s quality of life significantly. Many chronic lung diseases can spark a wide range of respiratory problems. Some are caused by infection, while others arise from exposure to pollutants or hazardous materials. According to various studies and sources, 33.6% of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease occurs from outdoor air pollution, 25.8% from indoor air pollution, and 21% from smoking. Even though it affects all genders, women are more likely to catch lung diseases due to various biological factors.

Respiratory disorders can range in severity from mild to life-threatening. Some people with lung disease may only experience a few minor respiratory problems, while others may get confined to a wheelchair or bed due to their illness. If ignored, lung disease can escalate to a more lethal form. If you are not getting relief despite treatment, consult our experts for a second opinion. All you have to do is search “pulmonologist near me” and register with Seekmed.

Relationship between Lung Disease and Women

Based on surveys, men around the globe use more tobacco products than women. However, a significantly large number of women suffer from chronic respiratory diseases than men. Lung issues are common in women under 50, while asthma is mainly prevalent in older ones.

Reasons behind the Gender Difference

The gender discrepancies are pretty evident, and numerous studies have been carried out to detect the causes behind them. Even though none have been able to highlight it, various theories have surfaced. One such theory holds the different lung sizes of men and women accountable. Since a woman’s lung volume is smaller than that of a man of the same age and height, it is believed that the narrowed airways are the epicentre of respiratory problems. Another theory focuses on the different hormonal levels, such as estrogen and testosterone.

Do hormones play a role?

Adding on to the previously discussed theory, experts haven’t yet found any evidence that directly connects hormones to the development of lung diseases. However, some studies support it. Several respiratory hazards, such as pulmonary hypertension, catamenial diseases, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, are more common in women. Estrogens and progestogens influence lung functions by increasing inflammatory responses. On the other hand, testosterone has a better influence on male lungs.

How to keep your lungs healthy

Respiratory diseases can happen to anyone at any age. Preventing lung problems in the initial stages is easier than combatting them at a later stage. The aim is not only to lead a longer life but to relish a healthy living. Instil the following habits to protect your lungs from diseases:

  • Do regular breathing exercises
  • Take a nutritious and balanced diet
  • Avoid smoking
  • Stay physically active

If you are susceptible to lung infections or suffering breathing troubles, connect with one of our specialists by searching “best pulmonologist near me“. Our award-winning doctors are just a click away to help you counter pulmonary diseases.


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