Liposarcoma; Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Individuals exhibiting symptoms such as abdominal pain, inactiveness, and the presence of lumps under the skin should immediately talk to the best oncologist in Lahore. The specialist will conduct the relevant test to detect the illness and evaluate the severity. The specialist will provide guidance regarding treatment options.

Cancer starts to develop in the fat cells, causing the formation of lumps under the skin, which causes pain and swelling. Men with blood relatives diagnosed with cancer are at a higher risk of developing liposarcoma. Individuals above fifty exhibiting symptoms that correlate with liposarcoma should seek medical attention to avoid complications.

The patient may experience symptoms that affect the limbs or abdominal region. The common symptoms of liposarcoma are:

  • The patient can feel the formation of lumps under the skin, which worsens with time.
  • The patient can notice swelling near the lumps.
  • The patient suffers from unbearable pain near the lumps.
  • The patient suffers from limb weakness, which affects body movement.
  • The patient remains inactive due to pain and swelling. This causes the individual to suffer from anxiety and related psychological problems.
  • The patient suffers from constant abdominal pain.
  • The patient can notice the swelling near the abdominal region.
  • The patient remains constipated most of the time. The patient can notice blood in their stool, which requires immediate medical attention.
  • The patient will notice a change in their body weight. Most people gain weight by exercising and dieting.
  • The patient experiences pain while urinating.

The genetic mutation in the fat cells is the cause of liposarcoma. The rapid multiplication of the fat cells accumulates under the skin, which leads to the formation of the tumor. There are no preventive measures; however, the patient exhibiting symptoms of liposarcoma should take timely treatment to avoid the spread that can be life-threatening.

The tests that help diagnose an individual with liposarcoma are:

  • The x-ray provides a detailed image of the affected area. It helps to evaluate the spread of cancer. Also, it helps to detect if vital organs such as the lungs are compromised due to cancer.
  • The CT scan helps get a detailed image of the abdominal area to evaluate the spread and severity of the condition before selecting the treatment plan.
  • The MRI helps to check the exact location of the tumor. Also, it provides a detailed image of the size of the tumor.
  • The immunohistochemistry and cytogenetic analysis help check the severity of the condition. The biopsy helps examine the cells closely to understand the cause of the mutation in the fat cells.

The medication, procedure, and therapy that help treat liposarcoma are:

  • Chemotherapy: The therapy aims to prevent the further spread of the cancerous cells to the vital organs that may hinder bodily function and can become the cause of death.
  • Tumor Excision: It is a surgery that removes the tumor and surrounding area to kill the cancerous cells and prevent their further spread.
  • Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy may be used before or after the surgery. It helps to decrease the size of the tumor before the surgery. Otherwise, the high-energy beams help kill the cancerous cells and avoid the spread after the surgery.

Individuals diagnosed with liposarcoma must take a second opinion before opting for a treatment plan. It is best to consult an oncologist in Islamabad who can help them understand the cause of the disease. Identifying the cause can help prevent further complications. Also, the doctor will provide adequate information regarding the most effective and latest treatment options. It will allow them to function in every aspect of life. An early diagnosis and timely treatment can improve bodily functions and overall health.

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