Kundli Milan For A Happy Marriage: Is It Necessary?

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If you’ve come here to learn more about Kundli Milan, you’ve come to the right place! Continue reading to learn why Kundli Milan, or horoscope matching, is important in Indian marriages.

In India, people marry for various reasons other than love. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when deciding on a marriage, especially arranged marriages. There’s family, extended family, relatives, neighbors, and the most important thing of all – Kundli Milan or horoscope matching. Kundli, or horoscope, is an essential component of Hindu marriage. According to Vedic or Hindu culture, if the Kundlis of the future bride and groom are perfectly matched, they will have a happy married life.

Since ancient times, Kundli matching has been an important part of Hindu marriages. Every custom and tradition has evolved over time. However, the trend of matching Kundlis before marriage has not changed. Although the couple may not have known each other for a long time before marriage, matching their Kundlis can ensure a happy and successful marriage. On the other hand, it has been believed that if the Kundlis don’t match, the marriage is likely to fail. 

Why is the Kundli Milan Process Followed? 

Here are a few perspectives to help you understand it.

  • Marriage is viewed in Hindu culture as the union or fusion of two souls through divine rituals and mantras. This soul connection is said to last forever, but finding and selecting the “right” one is crucial. Kundli matching allows us to determine who is the best match for us.
  • This is a crucial procedure that ensures the compatibility of the prospective bride and groom. It is ensured that the bride and groom’s married life will be blissful and happy by matching the Kundli. The Kundli Milan process focuses on matching attitudes, compatibility, friendship, behavior, and various other tendencies thought to be necessary for a couple to live a happy and harmonious marital life.
  • Horoscope matching gives the couple an overview of their future partner’s characteristics as well as a glimpse into their future life based on these characteristics. As a result, Kundli matching can be a good option when finding the right partner for oneself.
  • The primary purpose of a Kundli Milan is to ensure that the couple has a happy married life. Another way to determine whether the couple is compatible is to compare their astrological signs.
  • The predictions could also include information about the length of the marriage, the possibility of divorce, a breakup, and how their partner’s presence can make or break their career.

It is thought that at least 18 of the 36 Gunas must match for a happy marriage to occur. The 36 Gunas are the factors that must be considered when comparing the horoscopes of the bride and groom to determine compatibility. The horoscope match is deemed to be good if you get 18 or more Gunas matched. And if the score is less than 18 points, it’s advisable not to continue with the match.

If the Kundli Milan procedure is deemed important, you may wonder, “Should You Marry if Your Kundlis aren’t Compatible?”

Without a doubt! If you like and love someone, do what your heart tells you to do. Kundli Matching has little significance for couples who are in love. If your vibes match and you are committed, nothing in this world can keep you from having a blissful relationship with your beloved. A successful marriage occurs when the partners’ mental and emotional energies are in sync. However, a mismatch in the horoscope can lead to a variety of issues. But there is always a solution to every problem! Of course, there are various remedial measures to mitigate the negative consequences of the Kundlis not matching. As a result, feel free to marry your true love! Simply talk to Astrologer for effective solutions to all of your problems. 

While focusing solely on horoscope compatibility may not seem practical, it can provide insight into a person’s psyche and aid in making mature decisions. It is critical to have your Kundli matched at a reputable place so that you do not receive an inaccurate report that could cause problems in the future. Consult the best Kundli Milan astrologer for a precise and accurate reading.


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