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Do you want to travel to the Himalayas but can’t? Well the southern part of India has its own such place. This second highest peak located in Coorg , Karnataka is going to be a real feast. Also known as Pushpagiri Trek , this place is beginner friendly but some areas might seem arduous even for the most experienced trekkers. However the scenic views of flora , fauna , dense vegetation and huge volcanic rocks makes it all seem worthwhile.  when to walk away from a house with mold

A quick note – 

Location – Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary , Karnataka

Altitude – 1712 meters

Level of difficulty – Medium

Best time to visit – 

Summers are intolerable down South and isn’ t generally preferred for trekking. Winter and autumn seasons are proven to be the best with a nice airy breeze alongside so anytime in between October to January and June to September are ideal for trekking.

How to reach?

Depending upon the budget and level of comfort you can choose your own way. There are basically three modes of transport such as – 

By road – 

If you’re traveling to Coorg or stay there you can take a cab to Kukke Subramanya or Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary which takes around 2-3 hours to reach. If you stay in Bangalore or any other neighboring areas it is better to take a cab or bus based on feasibility.

By air – 

You’ll need to take a ticket to Mangalore airport which is around 150 km away from the destination. 

By train – 

The closest stations would be Mysore and Hassan. Get on accordingly with the expressions.

Expenses –  

Cabs – 

  • Round trip from Coorg to Kukke Subramanya  temple : INR 3600
  • Round trip from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya temple : INR 8000-9000

Buses – 

  • Coorg to Kukke –  INR 100
  • Bangalore to Kukke – INR 600 

Food – 

On an average if you have decent food , it costs around INR 150-200 per head

Camping – 

You’ll need to pay INR 200 for staying overnight to the Forest House at Battare Mane 

Accommodation – 

If you want to stay near Kukke it costs around an average of INR 800-1500 per night.

However if you opt for a food package , better amenities and stay facilities it’ll range from INR 3000 per night. 

Trekking Route – Where the fun actually begins!

Day 1 – 

You’ll have to start a little further from Kukke Subramanya temple. It’s not so hard finding the route , there’s always locals to guide and many signboards to tell you the route. This can be a tad bit challenging because of the dense vegetation and slopes present. Reach Bhatt’s house and do an overnight stay there but make sure to pay the Forest House and get permission before camping.

Day 2 – 

Start early in the morning and reach Kallu Mandapa beside the stream. The biggest challenge is yet to come while you go uphill to Shesha Parvatha which is covered with slopes and boulders. Once you’ve reached there , it’s a downhill journey that leads to a beautiful expanse of meadows and the splendid view of Madikeri. 

After taking some rest , start your downhill journey which takes around 3 hours to reach the Forest Office. Stay overnight at Kukke, otherwise you can go back to Coorg or Bangalore.

For the ones who like a good challenge or who are very experienced in trekking, you can try another route from Beedhalli in Somwarpet.  It is a longer trek and is advisable to do in a group rather than solo. Here also , the views are absolutely amazing. You can descend via Kukke Subramanya.

Some places to visit in this area are – 

Kukke Subramanya Temple – 

This temple has some strict rules about the clothing before entering it. It is dedicated to Lord Karthikeya , a serpent god in the divine Indian mythology.

Sringeri Temple – 

You have to visit this place for its intricate architecture and beautiful carvings. The temple is a must go!

Biladwara Cave – 

This is on the way to Kukke Subramanya temple and is a huge cave with a hole that is said to be a hiding place for the serpent king Vasuki. 

Some waterfalls nearby include the Mallalli and Abbimatta waterfalls that can be a great backdrop for your next best photos.

Coorg – 

This is the most loved destination hill station for everyone in India , especially the Southies. With a pleasant atmosphere , lush greenery and some interesting sightseeing around. Major attractions include Abbey Falls , Raja’s seat and Namdroling Monastery.


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