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A very common problem in daily life is the lack of concentration and focus in whatever work one is engaged in Mindfulness. a common perception is this only happens with students and those who are young. True, this happens to students all the time, no matter what their age is, but it happens to professionals and others of a mature age as well. If you think this is an insignificant aspect of life, you need to read on. Lack of attention and focus can not only affect your present work but also leave on your quality of life for the future.

About Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness is a state of mind where you are in control of your mind and the thoughts within it.
  • So that means you are constantly living in the present.
  • There is no wandering off of the mind from the present focus point.
  • It means you will finish your work or task of any kind within the given time successfully.

What Happens When You Lose Mindfulness

Mindfulness is vital in every sphere of life. A lack of it has adverse effects.

  • Lack of mindfulness means a constant unrest of the mind. There are fleeting thoughts from the past or even about the future that disturbs its present functioning.
  • Self-growth and success often elude someone who lacks mindfulness. Their progress and success is both affected by lack of application in the present.
  • Waste of time is another outcome in the absence of mindfulness. You may be at work for many hours and not achieve or make enough progress in it because of your mind being somewhere else. This means you wasted the time you spent without completing the task at hand.
  • Lack of mindfulness can affect the overall self-improvement goals one may have set for themselves.

Meditation And Mindfulness

One of the biggest advantages of mediation is an improvement in mindfulness.

  • Meditation brings about an overall wellbeing of the self that improves the mind, body and soul. It acts as a cleanser of the self and makes it fresh from within.
  • The mind is made free of all irrelevant thoughts that often hinder its progress. Meditation brings back focus and a point of attention to the mind that helps to stay in the present and remain in focus of the reality.
  • Stress and panic are two regular outcomes of modern lifestyles. Meditation effectively reduces both these effects and helps to regain better control of one’s thoughts and apprehensions.

Meditation and mindfulness go hand in hand when it comes to good health and a healthy mind. According to Jonah Engler these are two of the most vital facets of modern life that helps to improve it in every sphere. You may be a professional struggling for success at work or even a single parent coping with the stress of living through the demands of daily life while handling children, meditation and mindfulness are your best friends.

Improving Mindfulness

If you think you lack mindfulness, there is an immediate need to improve it or bring it back into your life at the earliest. You will only lose more time and progress in life if you do not work on improving mindfulness. According to Jonah Engler there are easy steps to improve it when you make sure to include this on a daily basis.

  • Meditation is the first step to developing better mindfulness where you are in greater control over your mind. Practice of meditation on a daily basis only makes it get better with your mind.
  • A light physical exercise also helps. Yoga is very often considered to be a very helpful physical activity that takes care of the body as a whole. It can reduce stress and relive one of muscle pains and nerve stresses.
  • Take time out for yourself and do something that makes you happy. Taking care of yourself is the first step to self-growth. This activity could be taking a long walk, spending time with elders, listening to music, reading a book or even spending time with your pets or other animals in general.
  • Practicing a mantra or a shloka or even a verse from a holy book of your choice always helps. It helps to reduce stress and improve concentration of the mind.
  • Sometimes it has happened that you maintain a journal or a document of important things in your daily life. This is a great way to live through the stress of daily life and even introspect on things you did and decisions you have taken. While it allows you to correct mistakes thereafter this can also be a great way to understanding the way your mind works and reacts.

Mindfulness For Beginners

If you are experiencing a disturbed mind at any point of life, you need to start taking care of it and focus on the development of mindfulness. A lack of it can only disturb you further and make no progress in life.

As a beginner to the concept of mindfulness there are a few simple steps to follow that will bring you back to life with greater focus.

  • Start meditation immediately and not make a fuss of it. Meditation is really a process of bringing back calmness to the mind. You do not need a lot of preparations for it. You could be at home or at your office and still meditate for as less as 5 minutes.
  • Practicing yoga will be of great help to your body and mind. Physical stress is very common with mental anxiety. Practicing yoga side by side will simultaneously help to relieve the body of physical pain and stress.
  • Read a few good books on mental health and ways to heal it. There are useful insights on meditation and practice of yoga detailed there that will enable a better understanding.
  • Attaching yourself with a spiritual group or teacher will always help. This is not mandatory but also works to enhance the experience of meditation to speak and discuss with like-minded people.
  • It is important to understand the pain and stress your body and mind is going through. Make sure to spend some quality time with yourself and things or people that matter to you. It helps to increase happiness of the mind and relieve stress.

Mindfulness As A Part Of Daily Life  

As a beginner of practicing mindfulness, it is important that you are patient and committed to your well-being. Making meditation a part of your daily life is vital but that will assure immediate and magical results. You have to be consistent and patient while remaining regular to the practice. Only practice will make you perfect and achieve desired results.


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