How Will a Workers Comp Attorney Help with a Workplace Injury Claim?

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Getting injured on the job requires a report to the employer and their insurance company. Injured workers have rights afforded to them under the law, including the right to workers’ compensation benefits. Discovering how a lawyer can help them will assist workers in getting the answers they need.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Gather Essential Evidence

Evidence is a critical component of any workers’ compensation case. Gathering evidence is especially essential when an employer or the insurance company denies the claim. The lawyer will take the following steps to ensure ample evidence proves the worker’s injuries. With a workers comp attorney near me, injured workers will not have to worry about their claims.

  1. The lawyer will gather medical records relating to the workplace injury.
  2. Injury lawyers may also recommend treatment or help an injured client seek medical care.
  3. Lawyers represent their injured clients at any question and answer depositions.
  4. A workers’ compensation lawyer will hold depositions to interview medical experts.
  5. Lawyers will bring in vocational experts to testify how the worker’s injuries will impact their job performance.
  6. The lawyer will also gather testimony from friends and family regarding the injured worker’s daily activities.

How Does the Process Work?

When someone becomes injured on the job, they need to first inform their employer. Waiting too long to report the injury will only lead to delays and could prevent a worker from being able to further pursue their claim. Many states limit the time a worker has to report their injuries.

Once reported, the employer will inform their insurance company of the employee’s injuries. The insurance company then has a couple of weeks to respond to the claim, whether they approve or deny the claim. If the insurance company denies the claim, they must inform the injured worker of the reason.

If the claim gets denied by the insurance company, the injured worker has the right to appeal the decision. While an injured worker does not need a lawyer to help them with an appeal, getting legal help becomes beneficial.

Once approved for workers’ compensation benefits, the injured worker will begin receiving weekly benefits for their missing wages. The worker will not receive a full wage replacement but only a portion, depending on their state. The worker’s medical bills are all covered under workers’ compensation benefits.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment With a Lawyer

After reporting their injuries to the employer, workers need to consider scheduling a consultation appointment with a workers’ compensation lawyer. Many workers’ compensation lawyers offer free consultation appointments to injured workers.

The injury lawyer will perform the steps above to gather evidence. Lawyers help their clients through each step in the process of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits.
A workers’ compensation injury lawyer will guide their client in making integral decisions in the process. If the lawyer feels their client is not receiving fair benefits, they can help appeal or negotiate the decision. Although an outcome cannot be guaranteed, lawyers work to get the fair benefits injured workers deserve.

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