How to Take Care of Your Male Galaxy Koi Betta Fish?

A galaxy koi male betta fish is a truly unique fish in your aquarium. These colorful varieties are some of the most intricate and beautiful fish you can have in your home aquarium. If you have a male, it’s even more special! It will bring vibrancy and color to your tank with its radiant hues. Let’s take care of your male galaxy koi so he stays healthy.

What is a Male Galaxy Koi Betta Fish?

Male betta fish are more colorful than females, they have larger than usual fins and they often have a brighter coloring. However, there are a few exceptions. If you’re concerned with the sex of your betta fish, or you’re keeping more than one koi, you can tell by looking at the color of their anal fin. Males have a bright orange anal fin, while females have a light orange coloring. Male betta fish also develop a larger, more intense color than the females. If you keep more than one male, you can tell the difference between each individual fish from their coloring.

Tank Setup for a Male Galaxy Koi Betta Fish

This setup is for a single male betta fish in a 10 gallon aquarium. You can also keep a male betta in a 5 or 10 gallon tank. You’ll need a filter that can handle at least 10 gallons of water. Choose a substrate for your male betta’s aquarium that is neutral in color. A white or black substrate will make your male koi stand out even more than he should. You’ll also need rocks or a Substrate of some sort. You don’t want to have gravel in your male betta’s aquarium, as it can lead to many problems. A bare bottom tank allows your male koi to swim faster and be healthier.

Feeding Your Male Galaxy Koi Betta Fish

A healthy male betta fish will eat sinking foods and flake foods. Sinking foods float at the bottom of the tank and provide a clean source of nutrition. Your male betta can eat brine shrimp, blood worms, grindal worms, etc. If you keep more than one male in your aquarium, you can feed them separately. Keep in mind, though, that they’ll want to eat more often than just one meal per day. They’ll also want to eat more frequently than your female betta fish. Your male koi will not eat live foods. If you keep more than one male and want to keep them all healthy, you should feed your betta fish frozen foods.

Keep your male koi healthy and to breed

Since your male betta fish is more colorful, it’s going to stand out to potential mates in your tank. This can result in your male koi being harassed by other fish or having his fins damaged by other fish. Keep your male koi healthy and in a separate tank so he can breed and make healthy offspring. You can even keep a few females in a separate tank to reproduce if you like. It’s important to keep your male koi healthy. Healthy male betta fish are more likely to breed than a sick or unhealthy male. It’s best to keep your male koi in a separate tank so he can rest and relax without being harassed by other fish. If your male koi is healthy, he’s much more likely to breed.


Male koi, such as the galaxy koi, is a truly incredible fish. In addition to being beautiful, they are also some of the most creative dishes you can have in your home aquarium. If you get a male, you can create some truly unique and beautiful offspring. Follow these tips to keep your male koi healthy. He will thrive in a healthy tank with plenty of room to swim and be creative. Keeping your male koi healthy and breeding will ensure he stays vibrant and happy. Once he’s healthy, you can even enjoy watching him swim around your tank.
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