Men and women have different needs when it comes to cleaning and beauty products. But, everyone must learn some basic rules for cleaning their private parts. At times, the area can feel itchy, sweaty, and moist. You feel uncomfortable and unclean. The experience is not uncommon, as many people feel they are not using the right products to clean their private parts. They know there must be some better ways to clean the area so that it stays dry and fresh throughout the day. But, people fail to have an open conversation with others when it comes to cleaning private parts. Worry no more! Continue reading to learn basic tips to clean your private parts.

Wear Fresh Undergarments: Men often tend to wear the same underwear multiple times a week without washing it. Who’s looking? Right? Well, No. It is not a correct approach and should never be followed. You must wear dry and fresh undergarments if you care for your genitals. The same rule applies to women who can develop serious health issues if they are not careful enough.

  • Whenever you shop for underwear, be sure to buy them in different colors so that you wear different undergarments throughout the week.
  • Once the day’s work is over, remove the underwear when you go home. Wearing tight underwear for a long time may cause skin rash and skin darkening.
  • Avoid buying cheap underwear with harmful materials. The undergarments should be made of 100% pure cotton. However, you may purchase silk underwear for special occasions.

Scrub And Moisturize: When you take a bath, you must thoroughly clean your body. If you decide to skip bathing in winter, be sure to wash your private parts, as the area gathers germs faster than other parts of the body. Clean the area with liquid soap or a doctor-recommended cleaner that takes care of the skin’s PH balance. Once the area is cleaned, use moisturizers to keep the parts hydrated. Many people do not use moisturizers in their private parts. As a result, rash and redness can be seen around the genital area.

Skin Darkening: You might have noticed that your skin in the private part is darker than the rest of the body. You might have wondered and asked yourself “why is my private area dark” ?  Well, it is perfectly normal to have a private part darker than your skin tone. Doctors suggest that friction and hormones are two major contributors to making your private parts dark. When you hit puberty, your body starts producing sex hormones that make the skin around your penis or vagina, and anus darker than the other part of the body. However, if you see a sudden color change, be sure to contact the doctor.

  • Avoid wearing tight underwear for long.
  • There is no one shade for all. So, everyone’s private area looks different. The color primarily depends on your skin tone and the hormone production in your body.
  • An increase in friction can lead to Melanocyte Hyperactivity, making the skin around the private part dark. Therefore, sexually active people may experience an increase of melanin in the skin around the private parts.
  • With aging, the skin tends to get darker.


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