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Renting a dumpster in West Palm Beach is a great way to get rid of clutter and debris from your home quickly and easily. It can make any renovation or clean-up experience a worry-free process. However, because of the size and weight of a dumpster, renting one can cause damage to your driveway’s surface. It can include dents or scratches to the surface and stains from chemicals or other substances. However, these inconveniences can be difficult and even expensive to fix; with a bit of forethought and preparation, It can easily prevent them. Here are  suggestions that can assist you in protecting your driveway and ensure your dumpster rental goes smoothly:

Cover your driveway with wood

If you rent a dumpster, you can protect your driveway using plywood. Plywood is inexpensive and is available in large sheets. Place the wood over the surface where you will place the dumpster. It will provide a more uniform and even surface which will help support the dumpster’s weight and protect the driveway’s surface.


If plywood isn’t available, you can use two-by-fours or any other wide wood boards. Protect as much surface area as possible for optimal protection. Another option would be to place blocks of wood under the feet of the dumpster, so it doesn’t sink into your driveway and damage it.

Distribute the weight evenly inside the dumpster

When putting things in the dumpster, try not to throw them all in without thinking. If you do, it might not be even, which could cause problems. For example, if there’s more weight on one foot than the other, it could make the dumpster unbalanced and scratch the driveway or make dents that are hard to fix.

Check for leaks

Chemicals and other liquids can often leak out of a dumpster and onto your driveway, creating stains. Before loading your dumpster, be careful not to damage it while transporting items to it or placing them inside. You should also check for any holes in the dumpster that could lead to a damaging leak. If you are dissatisfied with the situation of your dumpster, be sure to ask for a replacement immediately from the rental company.

Look for level ground. 

To choose the best spot for your dumpster, you should select an area on your driveway that is flat. It will help keep the dumpster stable and prevent it from indentation in the driveway.

Protect your path to the dumpster 

If you are dragging large items or spilling substances on your way to the dumpster, you should use a dolly or a wheelbarrow to prevent damage to your front walkway, garage floor, lawn, and driveway.

Don’t overfill the dumpster. 

The heavier the dumpster is, the more likely it is to damage the driveway. A load that is too heavy could dent, scratch, or even break the surface below. Remember that an overflowing dumpster could increase the risk of spills that could damage your driveway.

Take weather into consideration.

Remember that hot asphalt is more likely to be scratched or dented. When you are considering when to rent a dumpster, try to avoid the hottest days if possible. You can also put up some shade to help keep the area cooler.

Renting a dumpster from Precision Disposal is an effortless and effective way to clean up after a home project. Whether you are accomplishing a full renovation or just getting rid of some clutter, you can do things to ensure your driveway stays clean and your dumpster rental experience is positive.


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