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There are two types of couples in the world, one that accidently get pregnant, and one who plan for it. If you fall in the former camp, then there is not much you can do to prepare for it. Unless, of course, you are an efficient couple who also has a plan for zombie apocalypse, in which case, chances are you have prepared some.

However, a no-brainer answer would always be to first prepare for an event as big as pregnancy. This does not mean just having sex regularly, but there is a lot more that goes into preparing for pregnancy.

Couples who are better prepared can ensure a safer and healthier environment for the baby. It also plays a pivotal role in the maternal wellbeing as well.

So, how to prepare for pregnancy?

First, visit your doctor

Before you even think of trying for a baby, visit your gynecologist in Lahore. It is important that your doctor check your physical –and even mental –state, so that you are fit to have a baby.

Nutritional deficiencies in mothers can not only impair their own health but jeopardize that of the baby as well. Similarly, women who are not feeling well mentally also then need to first work with an expert, as making and raising a baby takes extreme mental toll. Hence, starting off from a healthy baseline is important.

Getting off birth control

If you have been using rhythm method, family planning, condoms, or diaphragm for birth control, you don’t need to worry about planning to get off them.

However, if you have been using hormonal birth control or have implants, then naturally, you also have to work with your doctor in remedying their impact. The devices have to be removed, the pills and shots stopped.

It can vary from woman to woman when their cycle regularizes after getting off the birth control; it could be weeks, or it could be months as well.

Figure out the finances

Having a baby is expensive anywhere. While some of the countries do offer subsidized health care and baby care, most of the systems involve personal finance and funding.

So, try to also manage your finances for when you do get pregnant. Doctor visits, delivery, baby paraphernalia; consider all these aspects, especially since women might need to go off work before and sometime after the baby.

Baby sex

It is important for women to track their cycle so that they can have sex when they are most futile. Random sex might work as a coincidence, but you only need to have sex during the opportune time.

Women are fertile when they ovulate, but pegging the exact time is hard. Since sperm can remain in the uterus for around 5 days, it is suggested that couples have sex around this time.

There are different ways women can ascertain when they are likely to ovulate. Tracking gives a ballpark, but you can also try ovulation kits, watching out for the basal temperature, checking the cervical mucus layer etc. for to identify the time when they are most likely to be fertile.

Keeping morale high

You have to keep your expectations at a normal level; while you may hit the jackpot at the first try, but let’s be honest, that’s not always the case. Persistence is key here.

So, try to keep your morale high during this process. Don’t let the pressure of making a baby negatively affect your relationship. Try to make having sex otherwise about pleasure, rather than the baby, or it will get tedious. Protect your relationship since things can become stressful then.

For women who are still in their 20s, if they haven’t had any success in a year, visiting a doctor is helpful. For those older than 35, visit a credible doctor like Dr. Misbah Malik if you haven’t managed to get pregnant in six months’ time.

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