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The Facebook Like button allows your site visitors to share your content with their friends on Facebook when they click the Like button on your site. The story will appear in the user’s friend’s newsletter with a link to your website. This is a great way to promote your site. (But of course you have to have good content. What people really like)

Like me, if you use Google Sites/Apps, you’ll notice that Google’s HTML editor doesn’t allow you to use Facebook-provided code. You will see an error message similar to:

“Your HTML contains either unsafe tags (iframe, embed, style, script) or special attributes. These tags will be removed when the page is browsed.”

The solution is to use a gadget called “code wrappers” written by a man named Maury. who is a guru in all things Google and shares his expertise with others without expecting anything in return.

That’s how you do it.

First, go to Facebook to get the official code for the Like button. Fill in the required information in the form. Don’t forget to include http:// before the web address. Otherwise it will not work. Click the Get Code button and copy the code. Click here

Facebook offers 2 types of code, xfbml or iframe. I found that my iPad won’t display widgets using xfbml codes, so I’m stuck with iframes for my website.

Then go to your Google site:

Select Edit Page for the page where you want to insert the Facebook button.

Place the cursor where you want to insert the button on the page.

On the menu bar, click Insert, then click More Gadgets.

A search box will appear. Type the wrapper code and the gadget wrapper icon will appear. Click on this icon and select it.

Paste the code you copied from the Facebook page into the pasted code name.

Select the window size you want to display. Depending on the button type you choose, I used 80×20 pixels for the “Number of Buttons” option.

Make sure the Show Titles and Scrollbars checkboxes are unchecked.

Once upon a time in the land of boost social media marketing there were so-called fans, someone was a fan when they clicked the “Fan” button on any fan page. Someone must be on your page to become a fan. But with recent changes, Facebook allows people to link to your page. A whole new world of possibilities has opened up to generate free leads for your business and easy connections from anywhere on the internet.

Being open to this new Facebook initiative has many advantages:

When someone on Facebook clicks the Like button for your page. This page will appear in their news feed. Their friends can see the pages they like and start liking you too. Grow your customer base with just one click.

If you install and display the Like button on your website. Visitors can automatically click and Facebook will automatically update their Facebook profile. They start following you without logging into Facebook, and you’ll find that using the Like button to connect with prospects is an important step in the connection process. This can sometimes cause bullets to miss. If they have trouble finding you or forget, they think they’ll see you later.

As a content publisher, whether it’s a blog post, article, or link, people can “like” your content. This will be published on their Facebook page and friends will be able to see your content. Become a leader in your industry. and increase your brand following.

Leads, Website Visitors All your followers, content, BLOG and potential customers come together in one place. Facebook, a place with a good brand name. A place where people spend a lot of time and where you can connect with them every day without spamming long emails. People have no problem reading status updates about new products or sales. But they get bored with many emails from one company. (save time too)

The Like button brings more attention to your site. When people share your links, etc., it increases your position in the search engines, increasing your business’s “position” on the Internet.

The Facebook “Like” button is a great business tool, there are many great videos on YouTube showing how to install this tool. The changes that made the Facebook pages I follow a little confusing at first were the changes that would make it easier for potential customers to follow you. Grow your listing much faster. and from various places on the Internet and increase your sales. to grow f


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