How To Identify Real Kojic Acid Soap From Fake Ones

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Kojic acid is made from a natural ingredient that was first found in mushrooms in Japan. Now, it is available worldwide.

It can reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots and also even out skin tone. It is a very strong ingredient that has the ability to lighten and brighten the user’s skin. 

Nowadays, there are many kojic acid soaps available in the market. 

As there are many options to select from, it can be hard to identify a real kojic acid soap.

So, the real question is: how can you avoid purchasing a fake kojic soap?

Let’s explore how to know if the soap is real or fake. 

The Soap Smells Good

What is the first thing you do while opening the pack of soap?

That’s right! We smell it. 

If you have used a kojic acid soap before, you know the difference.

Through smell, you are able to guess if the product is right or fake.

If the soap you just bought recently and the fragrance of it does not smell like your previous soap, that means it is fake. 

The Soap’s Color Is Different?

Color changes in soap are another factor to consider to figure out the product’s originality. 

If your soap’s color differs from those shown on the product cover, it could be fake. 

Soap colors play a big role in telling many things about the product. 

If you have used the soap before from a known manufacturer then you are likely to find out the reality. 

Buy From Verified Buyers

It is recommended to avoid purchasing from kojic acid soap manufacturers whom you have never heard of. Strong caution should be taken against buying from sellers who are not verified. 

There’s only one way to be sure of that: to buy from authentic distributors. These sellers are often listed as verified sellers. 

Verified sellers are always mentioned in the verified list on some popular online stores. 

Pure kojic acid soaps can be purchased on online website stores like Amazon

The Soap Did Not Work

Also another way to figure out if the soap you are using is real or not, depends upon it working on your body.

You may have been using the product for too long and have not given you the desired results.

If the product you used did not give you the skin benefits which it claims to give you then it might be fake. 

Another reason is that it might not be strong enough to give you the results. 

All this could only mean the product is fake. 

Soap Giving You Side Effects 

Fake kojic acid can use stronger concentration higher than one percent. 

That could lead to the manifestation of contact dermatitis. 

If you use kojic acid and develop symptoms like:

  • Irritation
  • Rash
  • Dermatitis 
  • Itching
  • Pain

These symptoms could only mean that you are using a fake soap made from non reputed manufacturers. 

Often these side effects can also come from using too much of real ones, But if these side effects begin developing in your body sooner than it is fake.

It could mean that you need to immediately stop using the product and consult your dermatologist as soon as possible.  

The Soap Not Giving You The Tingling

You might have heard that using kojic acid soap gives you the burning sensation or tingling.

One of the other ways of finding out whether the soap is real or fake is by feeling the tingling.

Although not everyone will feel this, it is true. Kojic acid does cause some burning/tingling sensations in the body. 


People who have sensitive skin can feel these sensations.

If you have normal skin you will not likely experience this. 

This is also one of the important factors to know about to reveal your product’s reality.

Verified manufactures know what materials to use and how much concentration is required to make the soap.

Fake manufactures often make mistakes or create their soaps using less amount of money to sell their products. 


Cleaning yourself turns into a joyful experience. The scent of the soap leaves a good fragrance on your body. 

All this changes if you use a fake product. 

Not only that but you can go through various side effects too. 

There are numerous ways to identify the real kojic acid soap from the fake ones.

Using these ways you can be sure that you are using the best soaps available out there. 


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