How to Hide Subscribers and Likes on Youtube?

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Unarguably, YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing than others, and millions of users are creating channels every year on this platform to buy. At the beginning of account creation, you cannot get exposure instantly, and you have a few numbers of subscribers.

But you can buy YouTube subscribers to increase likes. Perhaps you don’t want to show your count subscribers and want to hide them among others.

The good thing is you can effortlessly hide your subscriber counts as you need. If you are on this post, you want to know to hide your sub counts on your YouTube platform. It is your own choice to show your subscribers or not. Let’s get started.

How can you hide YouTube subscribers?

If you want to hide your YouTube subscribers on your account, follow these steps. But these steps are for desktop users meaning laptops, Macs, and PC.

  • Open your YouTube app from your browser.
  • Login your account
  • Now tap ‘YouTube Studio on your account picture on the right side.
  • Choose ‘YouTube Studio’ from the menu
  • From the menu, choose ‘settings’ and click ‘channel on the left side
  • Go to ‘advance settings’ from the top tab
  • Scroll down, and tap the ‘subscriber count’.
  •  Uncheck ‘display the number of subscribers to my channel, and tap the ‘save’ option.
  • Again, log in to your channel, and you will see no sub-count on your profile.

How can you hide YouTube subscribers on mobile?

If you use YouTube on your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, it is a bit daunting to hide the sub count.

If you increase YouTube watch time, you cannot hide the sub count on your mobile devices through ‘The YouTube studio app. Follow these steps to hide the sub-count on a mobile device.

  • Open the browser you use on your smartphone and open YouTube app.
  • Login to your account and choose a specific channel where you want to hide subscribers.
  • Go to your browser setting, and it usually appears in three horizontal dots on the right side.
  • Choose ‘desktop site’

You will see YouTube likes like on your desktop. Go to the ‘YouTube studio’ by clicking your account photo right sideways. There will be ‘YouTube Studio’, and press long over it.

If you promptly open it directly, it will direct you to ‘The YouTube studio app, if installed on your device. But you cannot hide the sub count from the YouTube studio app because it is a bit complicated and lengthy process.

With a long press on ‘YouTube Studio, you will see more options, and one will direct you to a new tab.

  • Choose this option
  • Choose a new tab and choose again ‘YouTube studio’ from the bottom option.
  • Now, follow the same process like in a desktop.
  • Go to the ‘settings’ and ap ‘channel’ from the left side.
  • Press ‘advance settings’ from the top tab
  • Tap the ‘subscriber count’ button and uncheck the rectangular button ‘display the number of subscribers to my channel’, and press the ‘save’ button.

Again, log in to your YouTube account, and you will see no sub-count on your account.

Do you show your sub count on your YouTube account?

However, it is optional to show your sub count. If you have created a new account and have a bunch of subscribers, you can easily hide them buy YouTube subscribers.

It is perfectly right to do so, and many fresh creators hide their subscribers. When they pass handsome subscribers as 1000 sub counts, the creators can show their sub counts again.

Is it a good idea to hide YouTube subscribers?

Many creators ask if it is good to hide their YouTube subscribers on their channel.

Well, it has its own pros and cons to hide sub count, and you can consider this factor but first consider where you stand.

Hiding subscribers are good if you are a newbie on the buy YouTube subscribers platform. Users also don’t pay attention to those channels with fewer subscribers, and they can lose good content to see.

Besides, it is also necessary for the business because it can mislead users when they see a few numbers followers.

However, many users don’t hide subscribers because it is part of the growth of your channel. Besides, it is a transparent fact, and feel no shame to show your subscribers.

Every creator has to start from zero and gradually grow to reach the maximum number of users on their channel.

Final verdict:

See! How straightforward to hide your subscribers just with a couple of clicks? But it would be better to face this minimum number of followers because it is part of the entire process.

Small channels have their own advantages, and you shouldn’t hide the sub count because of embarrassment. But if you plan to hide your sub cunt, you can easily unhide your subscribers with the same procedure.

Avoid buying subscribers because the artificial impact can damage your profile. Remember, gradually you will win good subscribers.

Good luck with more subscribers! 


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