In this digital age, it’s not enough just to have a presence on social media. For brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd, they need followers who are interested in their product or service. Social media isn’t just about reaching as many people as possible; it’s about reaching the right people. After all, an Instagram follower who is likely to buy your product isn’t much help if you can only reach 20 of them at a time. To grow organically on any social media platform—and especially on Instagram—you need to first understand your target audience and what they respond to most. In organic growth marketing, there’s no magic trick or secret sauce — you have to earn your followers one at a time. This may seem like a lot of work, but remember that these followers are potential customers who have chosen to follow your business on Instagram. Organic growth is about leveraging opportunities and creating them when none exist. Below are some tips for growing on Instagram organically and authentically:

  1. Optimize your Instagram profile to reach out and be found easily:

If you are a business looking to boost your followers and grow on Instagram? The first thing you need to optimize is your profile. Before buying from you or following you a person would first check your profile. It is vital to have a perfect profile with proper contact information to allow people to easily search your account and contact you for business. Make sure your profile name is either your brand name or your name, do not put up fancy names as it makes it difficult for people to recall and find. Utilize your bio and add keywords to it as well. Add contact information and your website address for people to click directly and shop.

  1. Try landing your posts on explore page:

The best way to make your content get noticed and gain in on more followers and reach out better is by making your content land on the explore page. For this you can always use highly searched keywords and add them as hash tags to all your posts. Make unique content that people love and can even participate in. usually popular creators content is shown on explore page you can collaborate with them to reach on the explore page.

  1. Optimize with hash tags and keywords:

People use Instagram to search for content, shop, find celebrities; find quotes and firms etc. There are certain common hashtags that are highly searched adding them to your content helps it reach out better. Try using hashtags relevant to your field to rank better and reach out better on Instagram. This helps you gain on more followers. You use tool like Instazoom to generate hashtags that are relevant to your post. Including those hashtags can help to millions of Instagram users.

  1. Check analytics for best posting times and content:

If you have a business account or a creators profile you can use the analytics option to find the best time to post and the content liked by users. Instagram analytics provide you a detailed insight on the time that maximum of your followers are active. It also lets you know what type of content has been working the best for you. You can post such content more to get more followers.

  1. Have a strong marketing strategy:

Having a strong marketing strategy is vital. You can try many marketing techniques like posting your Instagram content on multiple platforms. Add your Instagram handle name on all your facebook, twitter etc posts. You can even include your Instagram username on your packaging for more and more people to follow you.


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