How to Get Approved for a Major Site Plan

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There are several steps in the approval process for a 메이저사이트plan. The applicant will receive a Notice of Complete Application, which includes a public hearing date. The project will not be scheduled until the applicant receives this notice. If the applicant desires to add a sign, they may contact the Office of Strategic Planning Staff for a free template and specifications. In addition, they can refer to a section of the City Code to determine what the sign should include.

Checklist for major site plans

A site plan includes information on the proposed topography of the site, the location and height of major buildings, parking spaces, roadways, drainage, and major utilities. It should also detail the location of any trees and other existing development. If the development involves the construction of a roadway, it should include the direction and size of all culverts and turnouts.

A site plan map is usually prepared by a qualified professional, such as a landscape architect, land planner, or civil engineer. The plan must include elements that are appropriate for the development to be built on the property. Figure 3 shows an illustrative site plan map. The plan should be properly scaled and depict the proposed development.

Signs required

When you are building a new project or are looking to add signage to an existing site, it is important to follow the city’s signage regulations. These regulations require that signs are posted at least five feet above the ground. However, in some cases, the sign must be much higher. For example, a sign that warns of an approaching storm is required in an area with a high risk of flooding. Signs are also required in areas where utilities are being installed.

Signs are required to be designed and constructed by qualified individuals. They must adhere to city codes to ensure safety and readability, and they must match the other structures on the site. In addition, they must be installed in an area where they will not cause a hazard for drivers. These regulations also require the type of materials that are used for signs.

Some regulations specify how large the sign needs to be. In the case of a building, it cannot exceed 30 feet in height. Additionally, the sign structure must be designed with design features that enhance the appearance of the sign. Moreover, signs must be easily readable by freeway drivers. Therefore, the size of the signs must conform to the Caltrans freeway signage readability standards.

Application packet

When it comes to reviewing major site plans, the process is different from the process for building design or subdivision reviews. A 메이저사이트 plan requires a public hearing and must follow certain procedures. For this reason, applicants must submit original paperwork with their application packet. Alternatively, they can use an application form to submit additional documents. Depending on the number of documents and the review process required, they may need to submit additional documents or submit a revised plan.

When submitting an application packet for a major site, it is important to include the appropriate documents. Among these documents are an organization name, DUNS+4 number, and street address. The organization name is required in the FOA application. A street address must be provided for each site.

Neighborhood meetings

Neighborhood meetings are a great way for neighbors to share their opinions and concerns about a proposed development. They are usually held for about an hour but can be longer if the development is large or complex. Meetings can also be organized in smaller groups that address specific issues. It’s important to keep the meetings focused on a few clear goals. Taking on too many projects may snare volunteer resources, so keep the goals realistic.

If you’re planning a major development project, hold neighborhood meetings before applying. This will allow neighbors to offer feedback on the project and help the developer incorporate it into the development plan. Neighborhood meetings should be held at or near the project site, where the neighborhood association can offer a comfortable space for the meeting. If the project site is too far away, you can plan an alternate location for the meeting, preferably in an indoor venue.

Make the meetings inviting and informative. Display good signage. Provide a welcome table for residents and have a “greeter” who can welcome them. Refreshments and a resource table can also help establish a welcoming atmosphere. Having a good facilitator is critical in ensuring that everyone has a voice.


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