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After exhausting days, are you also looking forward to your cozy bed, in which, in addition to a comfortable mattress and the pillow, a cuddly duvet welcomes you? If you’re freezing or sweating at night, a new duvet could restore the comfort you want.

We have researched various duvet tests on the Internet, which you should consider when choosing. Find in our comparison table the right ceiling in the appropriate format, whose filling and the cover fit your needs all around.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our duvet comparison 2022

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The most important in a nutshell

The duvet sizes are standardized and normally a year-round blanket is 135 cm wide and 200 cm long, so it fits into any ordinary duvet cover. Oversized bedding for tall people is up to 220 cm long and there are also duvet sets that are wider than 135 cm, but for which you also have to buy special bed linen covers.

There is a wide variety of materials, so you can choose cotton duvets, duvets with down or special fillers in allergy-free duvets. Down duvets are considered to be particularly well heat-regulating, while quilts are often particularly thick duvets that always keep you very warm.

Whether you’re looking for extra warm duvets or are interested in a blanket that can be adapted to the seasons, in addition to warmth, you should pay attention to washability. Many materials cannot be cleaned in the machine, although duvets, unlike pillows, are often too big for the drum anyway.

Some people become scorching hot stoves at night and need a light blanket that is particularly breathable. Others need long and very wide duvets to wrap themselves in. People in the frostbite category, on the other hand, crave soft duvets that provide and store a lot of heat.

We have therefore researched for you various duvet tests on the Internet on how to find the right blanket for your needs. In our duvet comparison 2022, we go into more detail about blankets for allergy sufferers, easy-care materials, dimensions, and fillings.

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What is a duvet?

A duvet is a large cover, inside of which there is a soft filling. The duvet in its actual design can usually only be seen briefly when the change of bed linen is carried out for the blanket and pillows.

Duvet sets usually include two blankets or a blanket and a pillow. However, buying a set for yourself and your sleeping neighbor only makes sense if both people have exactly the same requirements for a blanket.

Regardless of the bed linen used, a duvet consists of a tightly sewn duvet cover, inside of which there is a filling of different materials. We have encountered the following duvet fillings in duvet tests on the Internet:

  • Down and feathers
  • Polyester and microfiber
  • Cotton and wool
  • Camel hair

We will go into even more detail about the properties of the individual filling materials. Natural fillings are often used in organic duvets, as they are harmless and renewable raw materials. Allergy-free duvets, on the other hand, are usually equipped with synthetic fillings that do not cause allergic reactions. Also which duvets you can wash and which variants should be better given in the cleaning, we consider in detail.

A good duvet should ensure in moderation for your greatest possible comfort. As standard, a duvet is 200 cm long and 135 cm wide. Taller people should treat themselves to a longer duvet with a length of 220 cm, which can cover the body from the feet to the ears. Wider duvets, which are 140 or 155 cm wide and are a good solution for ceiling wrappers, are also becoming increasingly popular. As a partner duvet, blankets of 200 x 200 cm or 220 x 240 cm are also offered, so that everyone can find the right dimensions for a perfect night.

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Gravity blankets should help with sleep disorders due to a high weight

A new trend is ceilings with a particularly high weight, which are often offered as Gravity ceilings. Underneath, people should find better rest and feel safe.


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