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Having healthy teeth is extremely important, but it isn’t always easy to find a great dentist. Keep reading for some tips for finding a dentist who will meet the whole family’s needs.

Ask For Referrals

Before calling a dentist near me, ask family, friends, and other health specialists in the area for recommendations. Remember, a great dentist is more than “nice.” Ask others about procedures they have had, long-term results, communication with the office, and comfort while in the office. Talking to friends and family may help you develop a list of potential dentists in the area. Call the offices and ask a few questions before making an appointment.

Check Dental Credentials

A dentist must be board certified. Certification ensures that a dentist has proper training and experience to take care of routine dental cleanings as well as more complicated procedures such as root canals, fillings, and installing dental crowns. Consider checking information such as schooling, training hospital, certifications, and malpractice claims in the past.

Explore Experience

The more experience a dentist has, the better. Ask the dentist how long they have been practicing, what specialized training they may have, and if they have any specializations, such as endodontics or orthodontics.

Patients who suffer from anxiety should check to see what type of sedation dentistry a dentist uses. Patients who need to have a particular procedure done in the future should ask the dentist how many of these procedures they have performed in the past and how successful they were.

Technological Advances

A dental office should have up-to-date technology. Most dental offices now have intramural cameras and digital x-rays that allow dentists to view and show patients the condition of their mouths.

The office should be clean, tidy, and run efficiently. The practice should also be computerized, not still using paper charts. Telehealth options are something that many patients use. Ask if the office provides them. Simple follow-up appointments conducted with a telehealth appointment can save both time and money. They can free up time, reduce travel, and allow appointments even when the patient is sick at home.

Communication Style

Choose a dentist who will listen and help ease any concerns. Sometimes, patients have special needs and require a dentist to make adaptations or modifications to routine care. Other times, patients may have unique health concerns, such as omitting fluoride from a routine cleaning or not wanting to have silver fillings in the mouth. A quality dentist will be happy to work with patients to make them feel comfortable.

Insurance Coverage

Before deciding on a dentist, ensure they are on your insurer’s list of providers. Dental services can be expensive, and patients who have dental insurance should use all the benefits they can. Patients should not have to pay for out-of-network dentists. Patients should also consider what charges the dentist may have that are not covered by insurance.
Finding a new dentist can be overwhelming, but dental health is essential. Ask the right questions to find the perfect dentist for the whole family.

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