How to dress well by buying fewer clothes?

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More and more of you want to reduce your wardrobe while still having style. And that’s a very good thing. But dressing well by buying fewer clothes is not easy for everyone. If purchasing errors related to ignorance of your size, your morphology, your colors, or your style are classic causes of overfilled wardrobes, clothing frenzy comes at the top of the list.

Our overconsumption is a curse on our personal well-being and our bank account. So there are so many good reasons to slow down our purchases. And you will see that the list is much longer. This article is the start of a journey of self-discovery to buy less and buy better. It presents, among other things, some key steps to dress well while buying less.

Dressing well at a lower price is possible! How? By choosing timeless basics, turning to the second-hand market, and finding the best vendors for clothes. Many little tricks can help you be on top of the trend. Indeed, there is no need to invest in overpriced luxury items. The very essence of fashion is being able to combine and have fun with different clothes to create a unique style. A few tips to help you concoct a nice inexpensive dressing room.

Choose basic pieces

Fashion is cyclical. Some pieces go out of fashion and return, a few years later, to the front of the catwalks. But have you ever seen the eternal white t-shirt and the classic sailor top become obsolete? Indeed, these clothes are good bases for your wardrobe. Like the little black dress, the leather perfecto or raw jeans, they adapt to all occasions, and seasons and are accessible to all.

Take advantage of sales

This period is the right opportunity to do business! Wait for the second or third markdown to take advantage of great discounts on items you’ve been coveting for a long time. The risk with balances? You end up with a pile of cheap clothes that will only serve to gather dust in your closet. Play it smart! No need to rush on yet another evening dress or a new pair of pumps that you will only put on once. Make a list of items you really need: a new pair of sneakers to go running, a new jacket to go to work focus on the essentials. This will help you see more clearly during your shopping session.

Accessorize your outfits

An accessory often brings pep to your simplest outfits! A belt at the waist of your dress, a necklace on a basic shirt, or even sexy plus size clothes often makes all the difference. The key is to know how to dose well so as not to look like a Christmas tree and create the opposite effect. The advantage? An accessory is often much cheaper than a garment, so we take advantage of it!


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