How to decorate your beds with the touch of Luxury Hotel Duvets?

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Whether you are decorating a bed in your master suite or a guest room, a bed should seem welcoming. And it’s guaranteed to live up to its billing as a wonderful place to sleep. To help you make the most of this bedroom necessity, we’ve turned to industry professionals to learn how to decorate a bed for maximum effect and comfort.

It’s critical to get the basics — the bed linen – correct before you start decorating a bed. If you want a restful night’s sleep, your bed linens might make all the difference. And between a gorgeous appearance and a bit scruffy affair.

Once you have built that sturdy basis, the three most significant aspects of designing a bed are the pillows, cushions and throws. They should match your other bedroom ideas and the bedroom colour scheme, but also offer texture and depth to the area.

Bedroom decorating is all about providing layers of comfort – with the bed the main point of the area. Use this simple tutorial to find out how to design a bed – then you can greet visitors in elegance, and treat yourself to a hotel-like bedroom, every night of the week…

Whether you’re looking for pristine, basic white duvet covers or simple coloured and printed patterns, we have plenty to choose from to make your guests feel right at home. Luxury duvet cover comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from single and double to super king. Other types of bed linens are available for purchase.

What are hotel style duvet covers?

Hotel style duvet covers vary from those made for the home since they are bigger and do not contain an enclosure, such as buttons or poppers, to keep the duvet in place. This, together with hand openings at the top of the duvet covers, enables you to change the beds quicker, crucial for busy housekeepers. Tuck any leftover cloth beneath the mattress for a tidy hotel finish.

Selecting the proper duvet cover material might rely on a number of things. This includes the interior design style, if you need an easy care product, who will be laundry the things, how lavish the room setting will be and so on. As a consequence, several duvet cover fabrics are better suited for different reasons.

How to wash duvet covers for hotels?

It’s vital to wash duvet covers, sheets and pillows between guests at hotels, B&Bs and homestays. This will help you deliver a safe and clean experience for your guests.

The manner you wash your luxury duvet cover will depend on the fabric care label contained in each product. Our items have been intended to be washed frequently at at 60 degrees and up to thermal disinfectant (72 degrees) to guarantee the duvet covers are fully cleaned for your next visitors. We can give you with advice on the best method to care for your hotel duvet covers so they last as long as possible.

How to keep hotel duvet covers?

Storing your duvet covers carefully is equally crucial as cleaning them correctly when it comes to ensuring its lifetime. It’s crucial to preserve duvet covers after they’re cleaned and thoroughly dry to prevent damp scents, stains and mildew. Make sure to fold the duvet covers with our handy colour id on display so you can easily discern the size of goods.


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