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Creating an online presence can bring many benefits to all types of businesses, from the smallest to the largest. The best way to quickly gain popularity online is to create a well-designed website with a domain name that matches your business. There are many different things to consider when choosing the right domain name for your website project. Many companies choose only a domain name that reflects their company name, while others choose at least something that reflects their industry or market. Here are some tips to help you choose the best domain name for your new website.

Choose a name that includes your business name.

Branding is important online and off, so it’s a great way to improve your company’s image. But sometimes using a company name to domain isn’t the best choice. Here are some examples of why this might not work.

If your business name does not describe what you sell. Let’s say you own a car wash business in New York. A logical choice for a domain name would be  although this name will not help you in the search engines against the buyer of  describes your activity and recognizes your location. The web user soon noticed that the domain name started to contain information about car washes in New York, but  could not find this information.

Choose a domain name that has keywords that are important to your business.

Create a list of custom keywords related to your business type. Think about your audience – who you want to reach on this website. People usually don’t type your business name into Google because they usually don’t know who you are yet as it relates to reaching new customers. Most people only type in a few keywords that describe what they are looking for on a search engine page. So if you choose a domain that includes all of these top keywords, those people will likely choose your site from the results list.

Choose a unique domain name.

You want to make sure your new domain name stands out. Some developers have managed to create a unique word for a company name and use it in their domains. Unfamiliar names include eBay, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook—words that no one had ever used or thought of before, but are now familiar words. If you choose a unique or fancy term, it can easily become the only site using those keywords in the search engines and dominate the market.

Before registering a new domain, it can help to understand what you are doing, what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. Taking the time to choose a thoughtful domain can mean the difference between success and failure. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money building a website only to block a poorly chosen domain.


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