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Choosing kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming, but knowing the options is essential. Understanding materials, cost, and style are key elements of ensuring a new or remodeled kitchen is just what the property owner wants.

Some people hire Kitchen Designers for their design needs. Other people prefer a more do-it-yourself method when remodeling or building a kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are usually the most prominent decorative item in a kitchen. They show off the homeowner’s style and play a vital role in a kitchen’s function. Keep reading for information about kitchen cabinet options that fit your taste and budget.

Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

Manufacturers construct cabinets of a variety of materials. Usually, they make the box part of the cabinet out of plywood, particleboard, or solid wood. They create doors and frames by combining solid wood, medium density fiberboard, or plywood. Cabinet’s durability, appearance, and cost is affected by their materials.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

There are typically six styles of cabinets. Shaker styles contain clean lines and flat doors. Shaker cabinets are easy to clean and allow personalization in any kitchen. Craftsman or mission-style cabinets have simple, tongue-and-groove joints. They usually have three vertical styles on the doors. Flat-front cabinets have single-board doors without any frames, ornamentation, or panels. Beadboard doors have vertical panels with constant beading.

Handle-free cabinets work with a push or tap system. Finally, raised-panel options are the traditional cabinets most people are familiar with. They have a raised center panel. While some homeowners worry that the style they choose will not stand the test of time, cabinetry usually lasts for a while. If a homeowner plans to sell their home within the next few years, they should choose a neutral style.

Cabinet Maintenance

Styles with deep grooves and details, such as beadboard cabinets, are more difficult to clean and maintain than cabinets with flat panels. Homeowners will also find that cleaning satin finishes is easier than matte finishes. Painted cabinets are difficult to maintain as they show dirt, and the paint chips easily. Harder woods tend to last longer with normal wear. They also hide dirt and grime better. Hickory and oak are easier to maintain than birch or maple.

Cabinet Cost

Preassembled cabinets are the least-expensive option, semi-custom cabinets are a moderate cost, and custom cabinets are the costliest. Standard cabinets for a kitchen that is 100 square feet will range from $1,500 to $30,000. The installation then costs another few thousand dollars. Frameless and inset cabinets are more expensive to install because they require more time and care during their construction and installation.

Consider Storage

Homeowners who cook a lot probably have many appliances, utensils, and food items to store. Think about ways to maximize storage in kitchen cabinetry. Kitchen drawers allow better organization. Corner cabinets can use space efficiently to store items that are not used as often. Homeowners should choose cabinets that maximize their storage space.

Before beginning a new kitchen design or a remodel of an older kitchen, research kitchen cabinet options. With the variety of options, homeowners are sure to find a perfect fit for their style and budget.

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