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Choosing a divorce attorney to handle your family law case is a very important decision. The following are some important criteria to help you find the right עורך דין גירושין.

Experience and Concentration

Any divorce attorney you are considering should have extensive experience handling divorce cases in your area An experienced divorce attorney will know the tendencies of the various judges in the jurisdiction of your and you should be able to use that knowledge to your advantage. Additionally, that attorney should practice primarily in the area of ​​divorce law. Often people will hire a lawyer who practices primarily in another area, thinking that any lawyer will. However, divorce law is a very specialized field that requires some skill and experience to have the possibility of a successful resolution.

Previous customer testimonials

Perhaps the best way to decide which divorce lawyer to use in your divorce case is to find out what a former client has to say about that lawyer. Although divorce is not a pleasant process, some divorce lawyers are more successful in satisfying their clients than others. If you do not know anyone who has been a client of that divorce attorney, you should consider asking the attorney for a contact list of clients who can describe their experiences with the attorney. While client confidentiality is important, any experienced divorce lawyer should have at least a few former clients willing to vouch for him.

It is accessible

When a client becomes dissatisfied with a divorce lawyer, one of the most common complaints is that they could not communicate with the lawyer. It is very important that your divorce attorney is accessible and prompt in responding to phone calls, emails and meeting requests. While you can ask your divorce lawyer about their office policy, this is another area where you can best judge your divorce lawyer by listening to what a former client has to say.

If a former client of an attorney tells you that it was too difficult for them to contact the attorney, or that the attorney did not return calls or e-mails, or that it took several days to do so , you should avoid it. lawyer. Divorce is an unpleasant and frustrating process under the best of circumstances. When you can’t reach your divorce lawyer, or at least someone on their team, frustration levels can grow exponentially.


When you make your first appointment with your divorce attorney, you should ask about the consultation fee. Some attorneys offer brief initial consultations for free, although most experienced divorce attorneys will charge between $100.00 and $200.00 as a consultation fee or charge their regular hourly rate . 

For example, I charge a flat consultation fee of $100.00 with no additional fees per hour, regardless of the length of the appointment. Basically, the consulting fee is to “weed out” people who are not engaged in potentially hiring you. Since my regular hourly rate is $200.00/hour and a typical consultation lasts about 90 minutes, my consultation fee has decreased significantly. Therefore, you should not let the consultation fee scare you away from consulting with a particular lawyer.

During your consultation, it is important to have an honest 

Discussion with your prospective divorce attorney about fees and what to expect. Typically, an experienced divorce attorney will require a substantial advance payment, which will be charged at the attorney’s hourly rate and expense. You need to find out what the attorney’s hourly rate is, what the preliminary hold rate will be, if any portion of the defender is reinstated if it does not expire, and how often you can expect to עורך דין detailing their fees and hourly costs. You will also want to know how detailed the invoices are. Once again, this is another place where you can get great information from people who have been clients of that divorce lawyer.

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