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EPF or the Employees’ Provident Fund can allow you to maintain a retirement corpus and save money to ensure a protected future for you after retirement. Every EPFO member gets a virtual EPF passbook. With the help of this passbook, you can get a PF balance check, both offline and online. 

If you’re employed in a corporation, you’ll find it more convenient to perform a PF balance check. You don’t need to check the yearly EPF statement forwarded by your employer to do your PF balance check. Today, it can be easily done both offline and online. 

How You Can Check Your EPF Balance Online?

Now, there are many ways to check your EPF balance. You can either do a PF balance check offline via SMS or by giving a missed call on the official contact number or online through the Umang App or the EPFO portal or app. 

  • Doing a PF Balance Check Via the Umang App

If you’re an EPFO member, you’ll get access to your own EPF passbook and can perform a PF balance check easily online through the Umang App. There are primarily seven steps to perform to check your PF balance in the Umang App –

  1. First, download the Umang App from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. After downloading it, you can open the Umang App and type “EPFO.”
  3. After searching EPFO, you’ll need to choose the “Employee Centric Services” option.
  4. Click on the “View Passbook” option. This will show you your EPF Passbook and allow you to perform a PF balance check
  5. After this, you should enter your UAN or the PF balance check number. Then, select the “OTP” option there. On your registered mobile number, you’ll get an OTP. Enter that and then click on the “Login” option.
  6. Select the Required Member ID to view the necessary PF balance. 
  7. After this, on your mobile, you’ll see your EPF passbook. This will show you the relevant PF balance. 
  • Doing A PF Balance Check Via the EPFO Portal

 You’ll need to ensure that your UAN is activated for a PF balance check. Once it is, you can visit the EPFO portal to check your PF balance. There are mainly six steps to perform to view your PF balance on the EPFO portal – 

  1. First, visit the EPFO portal.
  2. On the menu bar, go to the “Our Services” option. Then, choose the “For Employees” option on the drop-down list. It’ll direct you to a new page.
  3. Click the “Services” menu on the new page and choose the “Member Passbook” option. It’ll open a new login page.
  4. Enter your UAN, Password, and the Captcha Code to verify on the new login page. Then you can log in
  5. After logging in, it’ll direct you to a new page. You’ll be able to view various Member IDs on this new page. Thus, if you’ve changed jobs and transferred your EPF account, all the Member IDs by your previous employers will show. 
  6. Choose the required Member ID of the necessary EPF account for which you need to perform a PF balance check. You’ll be able to view the relevant EPF Member Passbook. You can also opt to download the EPF Passbook

Apart from checking your EPF balance online, you can also check it offline via a missed call or SMS.


Therefore, there are two primary ways by which you can conveniently check your PF balance online. These include the EPF Passbook Portal or app or the Umang App. To get your PF balance check online, you must be familiar with your UAN. For some reason, if you’ve forgotten your UAN, you can either check your EPF balance offline or put a missed call on the number 011-229014016 from your registered mobile number. You can also contact the EPFO helpdesk in case of any other difficulties and check your PF balance. 


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