How to Book the Best Dubai Desert Safari Packages

If you’re planning to go on a desert safari in Dubai, there are several things that you need to know about the different packages. These include the cost, timing, and customisation options. We’ve outlined the top three Dubai desert safari packages for your consideration. Read on to find out more. And don’t forget to save money by booking a package that doesn’t include meals. You’ll get even more value for your money when you book without meals.


The cost of a desert safari dubai booking depends on the duration of your trip, the activities you want to participate in, the mode of transportation you’ll use and the travel company you select. Prices range from 100 AED to a thousand AED per person. You can find cheaper rates by booking your trip during the week. You can also find good deals if you contact multiple tourism companies. For more information, see our guide on the Cost of Dubai Desert Safari Packages.

Depending on the duration of your desert safari, you can choose between three and six hours of fun. Budget-friendly tours cost between 59 and sixty dollars per person. These tours usually last for about four hours, and include dune bashing and quad biking. Children under 12 can join for as little as 39 AED. You can also book these activities separately, if you’re not interested in a full day’s adventure.

Travel agencies

The cost of a Dubai desert safari is quite affordable. You can book an excursion during the morning, late afternoon or even an overnight trip. Moreover, desert safaris are highly sought after in Dubai, which is why dozens of travel agencies offer them. A day-long excursion or an overnight stay are ideal options for those who’d like to experience the arid environment and the twinkling stars. And, if you’re looking for a unique adventure, don’t worry – you can find one in the most affordable way.


Different desert safaris in Dubai feature different add-ons, but the main activities are the same. You should decide on the package you want before you book it. Typically, a desert safari in Dubai takes place in the afternoon. However, if you have limited time in Dubai, you can also take a morning safari. You will spend about four hours in the desert and you should wear comfortable walking shoes.


Among the many Dubai desert safari packages, the original tour company Get Your Guide ranks high in trust factor. This company is most popular and consistently receives good reviews. Prices range from midrange to high-end. If you are looking for a more affordable safari, we recommend booking through their website. The links below are 10% cheaper than if you book directly with the company. The timings of the Book Best Dubai Desert Safari Packages vary.

If you have a tight schedule or are traveling with small children, you should book a morning desert safari. After noon, the transport back to the hotel may take close to 10pm. If you have more time, consider booking an overnight safari. It will provide you with more time to explore the desert and increase your chances of seeing wildlife. A 5-hour desert safari, by contrast, doesn’t include dune bashing or dune buggy rides, but does include live entertainment.

Final Words:

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you might be wondering how to customize your safari package. There are numerous ways to customize your experience, and you can even opt for a private tour. Dubai offers desert safari packages that include quad biking, but food is not included in the price. You’ll want to make sure to eat before you leave, and pack a few snacks. If you’re traveling with children, you can ask the safari operator about customizing your trip.

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