How QR Codes Are Changing The Touch-Free Payments Experience

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For those wondering what is the black pixel-like box displayed on the counter each time you proceed to make any payments at your retail outlet or your favorite restaurant. Well, it is called the QR code. It is a prevalent mode of payment used by many retailers and sellers. The payment via QR code is very beneficial, and it saves the customers from the trouble of swiping their cards or even entering the pin on the Swiping machine. 

Most people will agree that pay with QR code is easy and convenient. One does not require a card, only a smartphone with a QR code scanner. You have to open the camera on your smartphone and place it in front of the QR code. The phone camera will scan the code and take you to the page where you will be asked to do the needful. It’s that simple. However, a proper internet connection and a smartphone are all that it requires. 

Where is the QR code used?

QR codes have been in existence in many Asian countries. However, the Pandemic gave it popularity, making it convenient for people to perform contactless payments. At a crucial time, when meeting and shaking hands with people was banned due to the Pandemic’s spread, the QR code technology was seen as a blessing. So which are the industries where the QR code is mainly used. Here are the three main highlights where QR code is used profusely. 

  1. Restaurants 

People were offered paperless menus, reservations, checks, and more using just the QR code. People found it very convenient and were happy to use the touch-less procedures to access their favorite sit-out joints. 

  1. Travel industry 

For those traveling in public places, tickets were issued using QR codes. People had to tap their phones on the machine, and the device would scan the QR code displayed on the phone. The same applies to traveling without tickets.

  1. Retail outlets

Another primary industry that welcomed QR codes with great ease is the retail industry. People could make payments using in-app payments and Scan and pay via POS. Receipts were also provided online using the QR code.

Some significant industries used the innovative technology of touch-free payments through QR codes. 

What are the significant benefits of using a QR code for payments?

Contactless payments

The world has reached a phase where people don’t want to be around people or seen in crowded places. The very reason is the fear of being infected. Pandemics didn’t stop the people from buying necessities from the retailer or visiting the hospitals, and so on. QR codes came as a relief for people since they did not have to deal with cash or use ATMs or swiping machines. Hence QR codes encouraged the world to make touch-free payments, thereby keeping them safe.

Loyalty programs

Another reason people enjoyed the QR codes’ experience is is due to its loyalty programs. Imagine filling up forms or details at every shopping store you visited. How boring and annoying it can get. The QR codes allowed the retailers to save customer data and link them to the QR codes. Hence whatever points or scores they earned could be easily availed by simply scanning the QR codes. No more data filling to avail points or scores while shopping.


Imagine waiting in a long queue to buy a ticket to watch your favorite movie at Cinemas. How about you book the tickets online and make payment using the QR code. How easy can that be? You had to walk into the theater and allow the QR code to be scanned from your mobile. That’s how easy it is. QR codes are all about convenience and the power to make payments or access certain things touch-free.

Bharat QR payment method is one standard quick method to make payments for those in India. It is utterly convenient, easy to use, and safe. 


If you still haven’t downloaded the QR code scanner on your smartphone, we suggest you do it sooner. The world is already making the most of this innovative technology of touch-less payments. Download the Bharat QR today and enjoy a contactless payment journey.

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