How Do Picture Frame Box Your Paintings For Protection?  

If you want to protect your painting and pictures, then you need strong picture frame boxes. They are adaptable, so you can use them for many other things like flat-screen TV, mirrors, canvass, and artwork. Due to their versatility, they come in numerous sizes and styles. Therefore, all types of frames fit into them. The frame packaging protects the items with their double walls. Thus, they can bear the jerks, and the frames remain safe inside. You can handle picture frame boxes without much hassle because they are easy to open and close. There is no need to use accessories for them. Its flat surface offers safe mobility and storage. 

Are you worried about how to take a frame to its new location? You are not alone in struggling with this idea because safe packaging is the only thing you need to consider at the top. It is good to use picture frame boxes to protect your paintings from damage. Frames are fragile as they contain glass, so they demand extra care. A minor carelessness can break it. These boxes are available with great strength. Thus, they can save paintings from cracking. However, you can make them safer with other techniques. Here are the ways to pack your paintings with enhanced protection:

Choose the Strong Material for Picture Frame Boxes

The choice of strong material for the picture frame boxes may depend on some aspects. There are numerous types of materials for packaging in the market. However, it depends on the frame’s weight, so it is good to use heavy-duty material for heavy items. However, overall they must be lightweight. Because of these things, it will become easier for you to lift them and move to another spot. Otherwise, you will drop the painting due to the heavy weight of the packaging. It’s the best way to protect your paintings from jerks and hits during transportation.

These days, cardboard picture frame boxes are gaining fame due to their high quality and advanced features. Cardboard is a sustainable material that offers long-time protection and storage. For the artworks and painting frames, nothing is better than it. So, you can use it for the protection of your paintings. Moreover, it comes with extra strength yet light formation. You can break it down flat for further storage and use it again because of its flexibility. Thus, keep all your frames safe from dropping down or slipping from the box. 

Design them in the Right Sizes

The most vital thing is the size because the right size of the packaging matters a lot. It offers proper support since it is necessary for safe shipping and portability. For small paintings, medium to small size boxes is suitable. The large or oversized packaging cannot support them and can be the reason to damage them. The painting should fit in the box so it will not break due to pressure and jerk. The empty spaces can damage glass frames as well. Furthermore, mini boxes are not suitable for large frames. So, it is good to close the box appropriately since it gives protection from hits or any type of mishandling. This flexible material is easy to manage and mould in all sizes, making it ideal for packaging.

Add Extra Security Layers

To make your frames safer, you should use some extra security features. Frames are delicate due to glass, and it is breakable. Furthermore, the artwork loses its quality and appearance due to external factors. It is good to cover them with some security layers. The best option is to add on inserts or wrap the paintings in some paper or fabric. Some sellers also laminate them with waterproof coating, UV spots, and others. These options are good for keeping paintings safe from moisture, heat, and sun rays. They keep your picture frame box dry for a long time, and your artwork paintings will also be safe.

Make Your Picture Frame Boxes Scuff-Proof

This is one of the necessary factors you need to focus on. The wholesale picture frame boxes can place your valuable items for better security. Using materials that do not leave scuff marks and blemishes is ideal. For this purpose, you can use bubble wrap, packaging paper, and linen. They are very easy to move with all these things. It is good to wrap the frame with a suitable option to keep it safe from cracking. The modern packaging for the frames comes with scuff-proof material. It saves them from the impact of the damage. Wrapping objects, corner protectors or fitting inserts are some of the other ways to enhance the level of protection. 

We can conclude that picture frame boxes can offer wonderful protection if you add more security features. They are wonderful to use since they help shield the painting’s corners. The above tips and tricks are effective for users who want to take their paintings from one place to another without inconvenience. If you use these techniques, you can enjoy the longevity of your frames. These boxes offer wonderful storage. They are reusable, and you can pack your paintings for portability. Also, such cardboard packaging is versatile, and you can use it for different items. 

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