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We had used the die cut boxes since the early 1800s when they were first developed in England by William Perkins, who was an inventor and chemist. They originally designed them as containers for food and other products that needed protection from dust or dirt while being transported or stored. They have kept the design unchanged since then, with only minor tweaks here and there to make them more user-friendly. These boxes are die cut to especially snug fit around the product that they are to carry around.

They are variable in terms of specifications, I.e., sizes and shapes. They give out the impression of being the actual product with their premium cuts and designs. Packaging manufacturers have brought in wonderful innovations with this type of box. One can get them laminated, scored, perforated, and whatnot? They are extremely handy, and they do not take up so much space when people store or display them.

If it was not for the safety and protection that die cut boxes provide, efficient storage and shipping of millions of retail items would not be possible. These boxes provide a safe house for the products that we pack in them. There are many reasons why consumers deem these boxes to be the best. Here are a few of them.

Die cut boxes offer added protection:

The ultimate motive of every product maker when they buy custom product packing is to deliver their products safely to their customers. For this reason, they prefer boxes with die cuts since they add up manifold to the security levels of a product’s packing. They are snug fit, so they do not let the product get damaged by roaming around loosely inside its packing.

Consumers design these boxes to fit the desired product right from the areas where they require protection. This is why these boxes offer a premium hold and security to the products that they carry. Due to their fitting, they usually do not require added placeholders or support cushions to add to them. This makes them highly durable and cost effective as well. If a consumer requires them, they can have extended flaps. The extended length flaps’ primary function is to increase strength by increasing material overlapping at the top or bottom (or both) of your package. Unlike their slotted container counterparts, these boxes are much more difficult to crush or dent.

They are ideal for shipping:

Die-cut boxes are considered to be ideal for product shipping. These large, rectangular boxes make packing and shipping items much easier and faster. Standard packaging materials such as cartons and plastic shrink wraps offer limited protection against damage during the handling of product shipments. However, die cutting protects packages from tears and dents. These type of boxes are highly valuable in marketplaces since it enhances product value. Also, the ease of opening reduces shipping charges considerably. Die cuts protect products shipped through air routes due to the ability of the box to withstand wind loads.

Regular slotted containers often take up more space than is required for the packed product. This makes them somewhat of a burden when one has to adjust them in a shipping truck. With custom cut boxes, there is no such worry. Since they take up almost as much space as the packed product itself.

Die cut boxes are reusable:

We can use boxes with die cutting many times. Your Die cut boxes manufacturer may also manufacture them from recycled materials. This gives them an extra edge over standard packing products. An increase in land waste is something that no person who has a little bit of sense of environmental issues will ever want. Environmentalists strongly advocate the use of reusable items, and this is what marks a massive increase in this type of packing as well.

If your vendor offers to make you these boxes with recycled materials. Then the chances are very high that they will not have any ‘non degradable’ elements in their material. If the packed product is not leak able or not an eatable. You may end up recycling these boxes with little to no effort at all. Since oil and metal shards hinder the process of recycling. You may know that all the boxes that have spilled food items on them do not recycle into fresh manufacturing materials. This is why food wraps, baking sheets, and foils are used.

They offer value added marketing:

Printed die cut boxes offer an immense scope of marketing to the brand that they belong to. Businesses spend billions of pounds every year to come up with new marketing ideas. When they have this highly affordable commodity at their service. They can promote their cause in front of their customers even when they are from faraway places. A little investment into this type of box can make your brand go a long way. The printing on them does not only add a wow factor to their appearance, but it also makes them your brand’s advocate.

You can easily design a perfect marketing box for your brand by enhancing any die cut box template that you can easily find online. You can try seasonal promotions or create occasion based packing to make your products the next in thing in the market.

Die cut boxes have become the first choice of both established and upcoming businesses. The facts that we have discussed about them so far, are just a mere preview of the benefits that people link with this type of packing. They are easily available. The presence of online packaging vendors has made it even more, easier for businesses to design and buy them. With the amount of saving they offer with their custom sizes, these types of boxes are highly affordable. Even home based users can easily afford them and use them for their personal or professional pursuits. The popularity and functionality of these boxes are increasing leaps and bounds with every passing day.


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