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The benefits of the latest GPUs have been seen in areas such as gaming, content creation, machine learning, and so on. Graphics processing technology has evolved to deliver new solutions for these markets by creating more powerful hardware for consumers.

The GPU is a vital component that can help run computer programs. This means they can be used to support computing needs like graphics rendering and AI. Although they’re most typically associated with gaming, the GPU has potential for use in other processes like CGI production and artificial intelligence.

A GPU’s original function was to render 3D graphics, but more functionality was added over time, allowing programmers to create more impressive visuals, lighting effects, and simulated scenes. Other companies took advantage of the increased capabilities to significantly increase the performance of their computing needs in high-performance computing (HPC), deep learning, and more.


The (IoT) is the network of connected devices that exchange data with other devices. Devices can range from household objects to complicated industrial tools, and experts expect this number to grow exponentially in the next few years. Oracle has a network of manufacturers and partners.

Connecting everyday objects such as ovens and cars to the internet makes communication more efficient. Data from devices like thermostats, baby monitors and even kitchen appliances can now be seamlessly shared with companies, other people and just about anything else.

With the help of cloud computing, big data, advanced analytics, and mobile technologies, material things can share and collect data without human intervention. This brings convenience to businesses and their customers as both worlds become interconnected. The physical world meets the digital world—and they cooperate.

Data center.

The first step to automating data centers is to understand how they function.

Juniper solutions offer superior operational reliability while reducing complexity in centralized and edge data centers. They ensure reliable uptime, on-time performance and service availability through the robust software-based design of the Juniper Data Center Network virtualized platform.

Juniper Apstra is an automation and validation software that automates and checks a network’s design, deployment, and operations. With this product, you get powerful analytics, protecting your infrastructure from possible threats, and a single source of truth so that you can be sure your IT infrastructure can meet the demands of the future.

AI deep learning

The digital landscape is too in-demand for new hot trends to stick around, so it’s time to use automation to stay ahead. There are plenty of automation tools that invite marketers to the online success party.

The fear of machine learning is real, most often due to a negative experience with automated services. It’s understandable, as I don’t want to be disappointed again by a machine when it can’t write the way humans can. Psychological studies show that people are so upset with algorithms that they cannot “forgive” the machine when they fail. As a result, teams will end up with human errors as everyone tries to work manually.

BCG’s recent study reported that companies using automation techniques to create relevant ads and content could increase sales by up to 20%. A 15% addition was found for companies that use an automated marketing campaign with human input. Better yet, these approaches showed a growth of 20% in sales-related business results, highlighting the importance of using personalization and automation to grow your company!

Deep learning GPU

To build your own meaningful machine learning project, you must have a strong foundation in four areas: coding, math, ML theory and stage-by-step instructions.

Start with our curated course catalog to improve your four skills, and then choose your path by exploring our resource library below.

When looking to learn more about machine learning, there are four areas of knowledge to consider. Each area will provide an underlying piece of the ML puzzle. Using our curated playlist and several free videos and books, you can start your education on the right foot.

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