How to Encourage Good Oral Hygiene at Home

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Many families prefer seeing the same dentist. When everyone in the family receives care from one dentist, benefits abound. Learning about the benefits helps parents ensure they are choosing the right dental professionals for their families.

Five Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Family dentists provide integral dental care for people of all ages. Explore the benefits below to decide if a Family Dentist will provide the right fit.

  • Family dentists have the training and experience to deliver dental care for everyone in the family. With everyone seeing the same dentist, dental care becomes more convenient for busy families. Parents no longer have to make it to multiple locations to provide dental care for their families.
  • Another benefit of family dental providers is their versatility. In most offices, dentists offer a wider variety of dental services than the average dentist. The more expansive array of services ensures dentists can treat people of all ages.
  • It is easier to build a lasting relationship with a dentist when they treat the entire family. The dentist learns about the family history, helping to offer better service to their patients. Children grow up seeing the same dentist as their parents, making them more comfortable seeking dental treatment.
  • When patients get dental care from different dentists throughout their lifespans, tracking their dental history becomes challenging. Family dentists offer care to patients for life, ensuring their dental needs receive proper attention.
  • Parents can set a good example for their children by having the entire family seen at the dentist. Children are less likely to become afraid when they know the dentist takes care of their parent’s teeth.

How to Encourage Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Good oral hygiene is crucial for keeping cavities and gum disease at bay. Parents must ensure the family brushes and flosses daily. One of the biggest risks of developing cavities and gum disease is poor oral hygiene. When families encourage good oral hygiene, everyone gets involved in taking care of their smiles. Consider the following tips.

  • Following the twice a day/two-minute rule will help families get on track with their brushing habits. Consider bringing everyone in the family together to brush for more fun.
  • Remember that it is never too late to encourage good oral health habits. Children are more likely to brush and floss if their parents make it a priority. Develop a reward system to encourage children to brush as often as required.
  • Encouraging children to eat healthy foods and avoid sugary drinks will help keep their teeth and gums free of oral health issues that can cause tooth decay and loss.

Schedule Your Family’s Dental Appointments

Seeing the dentist at least twice a year is essential for good oral health for the entire family. Teeth cleanings twice a year help remove plaque and tartar that cause cavities and gum disease.

In addition to clean teeth, dentists also ensure their patients’ do not have any signs of oral health concerns. The dentist will perform a thorough examination and take X-rays. When issues are found in their early stages, they are most treatable. Schedule a dental appointment for your family today.

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