Top 4 Ways to Give your Home Decor an Indian Look. 

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It’s not a surprise that many people wish to Indian design their houses, because of its vibrant, vivid, and fancy look. There are many ways to incorporate Indian design into your home décor, whether you want to renovate your entire house or just one room. You may find various home decor items to add to your house that you will love. These designs come in brilliant hues, like beautiful bandhani blankets or purchasing carved wooden pieces of furniture. Below we are going to discuss different ways through which you can add Indian look to your home decor.  guest post write for us 

Tips to Add Indian Look to your Home Decor

Choosing the Right Color to your Walls

Avoid using colors like pastels and light hues. Choose bold colors instead, such as red, turmeric, marigold, blue, green, deep purple, and others. It’s OK to mix and match opposing hues in any particular space, such as light yellow and crimson, or you can decide to keep with one dominant color. At most, try to stick to using 3 dominating hues.

Avoid using black and grey; in India, these colors are associated with evil and negativity, neither of which you want to introduce into your house.

In Indian culture, colors are usually symbolic of something. For instance, green is a very festive hue that conveys joy and harmony, and yellow represents knowledge, skill, and learning. Find out the meanings of your favorite colours by doing some study.

Choosing furniture with the Intricate Beautiful Design

Look for curved armrests on sofas and chairs, and look for armoires and cabinets with depictions of gods carved into them or painted on them. Indian décor is also highly popular with inlay work, so look for items with inlay work in mirror, ivory, metal, or stone. The nicer a piece of furniture is, the more elaborate and intricate it is. 

Choosing Fabric with the Indian Touch

Invest in various Indian textiles to give your space a genuine feel. Pick throws, pillows, and blankets with bandhani-style dyes, tassels, gold embroidery, elaborate beading, silk, block-printing, and Kantha stitching. 

You can also check out the IndianLifestlye for Beautiful fabric for your home decor. They have a vast collection of fabric that you can shop online just sitting at home. IndianLifestyle is specialized in selling home decor items in various categories ranging from quilts, pillows, blankets, rugs and many more. You can buy home decor products online in USA from IndianLifestyle. 

Your environment will be markedly more Indian in design if you choose a variety of textiles and textures for the tablecloths, runners, tapestries, cushions, and throws.

Here are some of the popular Indian fabric prints you can opt for. 

-Multiple pieces of cloth are patched together in the needlework technique known as Kantha.

-Bandhani is a clothing dyeing method with minute, detailed designs.

-Wax is used to draw patterns on fabric before dyeing and removing the wax to expose the design, which is known as batik.

Adding Traditional Indian Style and Pattern to your accessories.

Remember that there are some patterns that are inherently Indian in nature when hanging wallpaper, choosing a tapestry to hang on a wall, or considering fabric alternatives. Choose paisley designs, mandalas (complex, symmetrical floral patterns), or prints that are inspired by nature and have images of birds, animals, or flowers. 

The national bird of India is the peacock, the national flower is the lotus, and the national animal is the tiger.

Visit a fabric store and see what types of colours and patterns appeal to you if you’re having trouble finding inspiration for a space. Keep those pictures in mind when you browse for new décor.


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