In India Trekking is an adventurous outdoor activity that focuses on travelling across mountain peaks, rough terrain, deserts, rivers and many more. It is an experience that brings nature lovers close to the beauty of the world. It challenges the travel enthusiasts to travel to some well known spots all around the country. Trekking has now become a fun outdoor sport activity and can be mostly supported by trek guides who work in groups to let the people enjoy the opportunity for a lifetime. In India trekking has marked its glory with numerous sceneries and legendary spots to visit. To present some of them are –


Hampta pass trek is a 35 km long trek route in Himachal Pradesh. This particular pass starts from the Kullu Valley and its vision comes to an end in the Chandra valley of Lahaul.  The best time to visit here is in June till the mid of Nov. The height of the pass is up to 4400m which can be completed in a span of 4 to 5 days. The neighbourhood has a variety of plants and animal species and its covered with grasslands and meadows that catches the attraction of the visitors.


Renowned and yet another celebrated treks of India located in the Dhauladhar Range of Himachal Pradesh. The altitude of trek ranges between 9317ft to 12772ft which starts from Solang Valley and the journey stops at the lake of Beas kund. The waterfalls seen in this region are breathtaking. The snow is another wonderful view that draws the attention of the visitors. The trekkers can visit here during the mid of June till the early Oct. The trekkers can enjoy night stay in tents during the trek periods and get to know the livelihood in that location.


To explore some interesting facts in Ladakh one can experience the Markha Valley which is the largest valley in Ladakh. The trek can be completed in 10 days covering 65 kms od distance. The altitude here is 5200 feet above sea level. For those who are interested to visit this region, they have to cross the passes namely known as Ganda La and Kongmaru La. To get the absolute view of this range the best time to visit here is between July to Mid-Sept.


The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand has gifted nature with the priceless beauty of Rupin Pass trek which is one of the finest trekking places to visit in India. This is a 7 day long trek starting from Dhaula to exit at Sangla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It’s a long trek of 52 km. This 15250 ft high trek valley has sceneries of waterfalls and villages in its way. The trek lovers can give a visit here between May to June or otherwise it’s suited for the months of Sept to Oct.


The state of Uttarakhand has another picture in its frame lying in the Chamoli district which is popularly known as Valley of Flowers. It has been represented as a UNESCO world Heritage Site. This 55 km trek has an altitude of 3658 ft. Trekkers mostly visit here during July to Mid-Sept. As the name of the valley suggests, the valley is covered with colourful Himalayan flowers in the way which Makes the visitors curious to visit here. August is the best time to come and see the legendary peaks and greenlands of this location.


The Chadar trek or Zanskar Gorge Trek is a winter road in Ladakh. The mercury drops from -15 to -20 degrees during day time and can drop up to -25 degrees at night. It is one of the most demanding trekking places in India which attracts tourists. The months of January and February best suit trekking in this region. It is a 105 km long trek route selected by trekkers who want to have an adventurous experience. This place is frozen for most of the time which is a thing to learn about Chadar Trek Ladakh.


Mother nature has gifted the landscape of India yet with another fascinating trek sights in Sikkim widely known as Dzongri Trek. The place of Yuksom is the starting and ending of this trek.  This can be completed in 5 days. April to June and October to December are the best suitable months to visit this 21 km long trek which is 15000 ft high in altitude. Trekkers get to see some rare species of flora and fauna which makes it even more interesting to visit here.


Roopkund trek of Uttarakhand is again a well known trek destination in India. It is a 53 km long trail that can be completed in 7-9 days. The altitude varies from 5000 ft to 15700 ft. The end of the trek brings the trekkers down near Roopkund lake. May to October are the best time to visit here. The trekkers avoid visiting this place during winters due to critical weather conditions. The trail is exciting as trekkers have to cross jungles, meadows, grasslands, etc. where they can find the varieties of plants and animals wandering in the beauty of nature.


The State of West Bengal is not only famous for its sweet but it has also kept one of the most beautiful treasures of India which is called as Sandakphu Trek. This is a 45 km long trek which can be completed in about 8-9 days. Visitors can enjoy this remarkable trek in the months of April to May or From October to February. The view is spectacular which draws the trekkers attention to visit here once in their lifetime.


Chokramudi trek is a trek based in Munnar which is 7200 ft high. Visitors can visit here throughout the year. This trek starts on a trail in the Bison valley of Munnar and the Gap Road in Munnar is the end of this trek. It is an easy trek which allows you to enjoy the tea plantation sights and it can be completed in a day. The beauty of this region remains constant all around the year. So trekkers can come around whenever they wish to.

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