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Curtains are useful and beautiful additions to any house. When it comes to the overall look and feel of the space, they play a vital role. They’re also a useful addition since they provide a barrier between you and the outside world, keep dust out, and keep the heat and cold in. Curtains have all of these features, making them an essential part of home design.

Here are the six best fabrics for regular and sheer curtains that you can use, whether you’re decorating your first home or creating a beautiful interior for a client. Further, at the end of the post I will let you know about how to find curtain fabric wholesalers


Durability and cheap cost have made polyester a popular choice for curtain material. First-time curtain users will appreciate its little maintenance and resistance to wrinkling, stretching, and shrinking.

With their satin-like sheen, polyester drapes may be an attractive addition to a living space. Some individuals use it in their bedrooms and other private areas since it provides some sun protection as well.

Interior designers will like the variety of patterns, colors, and styles available in this fabric. It’s also easy to clean, although you may want to cut down on the number of times you wash it. Because it involves synthetic material in production, it may not be able to withstand several washing.


For its flexibility in form and function, cotton curtains are a popular choice in the home. Many different curtain designs are available in this fabric, and it may provide a crisp, clean look in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Although lining isn’t always necessary for cotton curtains, it improves the fabric’s appearance, sturdiness, and long-term use. It’s easier to hang and fall cotton curtains that are properly lined than those that aren’t. Lined cotton curtains are a good option unless you have a specific design in mind.

Drapery weight cotton curtains work effectively in every room of the home due to their adaptability in terms of its intended application. Cotton-lined or tightly woven curtains may also be used in bedrooms and other places that need light-blocking.

Lace Fabric 

Lace is a good choice for curtains since it is a sheer fabric. It diffuses natural light and creates the illusion of space and airiness, much like voile.

Lace is a popular choice for tiny windows in kitchens and bathrooms because of its delicate appearance and ability to complement the decor of a cottage environment. It gives a place a softer, more feminine feel. Some people use lace designs to give their classic homes a romantic feel.

If you’re looking for lace curtains, you should be able to discover something within your price range.


A jacquard loom is used to weave multi-colored threads into a fabric known as brocade. Curtains made of damask are often mistaken for damask because of their eye-catching designs.

It seems like the patterns on brocade curtains have been elevated, which makes them more susceptible to fraying unless the cloth is backed. For spaces requiring a broader drape, this heavy curtain cloth comes in a wide variety of designs.

Fluted wooden poles with ornate finials and curtain rings in complementing colors are ideal for holding this fashionable cloth in place.


Cotton or polyester are the primary raw materials for voile woven fabrics, which are transparent, airy, and comfortable to the touch. For windows, it has a very fine surface and a nice drape. It provides a sense of solitude without completely shutting out the light, allowing a space to seem more open.


Style and designing is the secondary thing when you plan curtains and home decor but thinking about the fabric is primary. Getting the right kind of fabric and material for this would help your home in having a bright and shiny look. But before getting the right fabric, you must get some fabric manufacturers in India who can supply wholesale fabrics with quality as well as quantity.  Well, not manufacturers but you can get wholesale fabric suppliers with Fabriclore. 


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