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Obtaining a globally recognized TEFL certification can increase your market opportunities. By taking a comprehensive tefl course online , you will definitely learn:

* Ways to get and keep students’ attention.

* Classroom management and activities, e.g. group discussion, discussion among other group activities.


There are other ways to get TEFL certified. Training methods may vary depending on the use of the course. The four-week classroom course involves face-to-face learning, while the online course where students complete the training in person via email or chat with the support of an online instructor.

Most TEFL certification courses last around 4 weeks and are usually held in the country where you want to learn English. The aim of the course is to teach you English and basic education for real students. Teaching skills, understanding and experience will be strengthened when you start your teaching career abroad, such as Italy, London, China, etc.

The advantage of getting

Your TEFL certificate online is the versatility of both course cost and location, like ICAL. This course is available on a computer from anywhere in the world and can be studied at your own pace, taking into account the time you have available. If you don’t need to take indoor courses, these types of courses are cheaper.

Online programs offer many benefits, including:

* You can study anywhere on a computer.

* Learn at your own pace

* These are cheaper than an on-site TEFL course.

* You can get a full-time job while completing your degree.

* Help from experienced teachers online.

* Instant learning materials are available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Another way to get a TEFL certificate is to take a combined TEFL course. This is often a combination of classroom and online technology.

Students complete an online TEFL certification course

And then attend a two-day course for additional training and instruction. Such combined courses are taught in: Italy, Thailand and the USA.

Teaching English abroad gives people the opportunity to live and work anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of college or looking for a career change. Teaching English abroad can give you the opportunity to be available, make a real impact… and be at peace with yourself!

ICAL was one of the first schools to offer online teacher training methods in 1998. This used powerful new online technologies and the best and both creative and mentoring courses. ICAL quickly became the world’s largest provider of online courses. For more information visit our website


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