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We all know that every drop in the ocean counts. Similarly, every employee in a company also matters, irrespective of their job title or responsibilities. It is the one prime reason employee screening services and employee onboarding solutions in India are essential to every organization. 

Companies need to be careful about each employee they hire. The indispensability of this need is making employee screening services in India significant to choosing integral, honest, reliable, responsible and skilled employees. Over the years, applicants have become sophisticated in their ways of forging and fudging information. The employment sector has been plagued with a significant increase in information discrepancies. Businesses cannot afford the risk of hiring even one candidate without verifying their records.

Almost all the companies in India, spanning multiple sectors, carry out background checks on applicants before onboarding them. Inconsistencies on the resume, false certificates and hidden past are getting companies to adopt advanced onboarding solutions and employee screening services

In the first quarter of 2021, the telecom sector witnessed the highest inconsistency during employment screening which touched almost 49.7%. Thus, significant employing sectors such as finance, IT, automobile, healthcare and even some MSMEs, among other industries, carry out a mandatory background check on the applicants before hiring them. It helps filter out the fraudulent applicants.

In India, the companies with big pockets are more particular about screening. However, some sectors like F&B (hotels and restaurants), retail and other companies omit background checks, especially for entry-level positions. It is attributed to high employee attrition rates in these sectors and lesser employee strength and bandwidth to carry the checks out. 

Why do organizations need to perform background verification checks on every candidate they hire? 

There could be various reasons for conducting background verifications, but we have listed some critical factors.

Most businesses want to ensure that the job applicant is not lying. According to industry facts, over 60% of resumes can comprise tweaked and false information. Such cases make it more important for employers to corroborate the details the applicants mention in the interview and confirm their authenticity. The employers may do this in-house or get 3rd party onboarding solutions and employee screening services to carry these out. 

With their expertise, access to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and innovative tools, employee screening service companies are better equipped to carry out a complete end to end investigation. This will corroborate their academic qualifications, past work experience, criminal record check, e-KYC and professional reference checks. 

Innovation background verification services can customize requirements as per the industry or vertical. They power their employee Background screening and verification by Advanced AI. This is more scalable and secure, and these digital screening solutions are ideal for remote and hybrid workplaces. They rely on image recognition, optical character recognition, document classification, face match and digital signatures, ensuring a seamless screening process. 

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